Video Premiere: Husky – Ghost

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Australian band Husky quickly established quite a loyal fanbase following the release of their 2011 debut, Forever So. Their perfect blend of earnestness/catchiness demanded immediate attention. Now on their third album Punchbuzz, Husky are no less earnest or catchy, but they have (ahem) punched up their signature indie folk sound.

The roots for this forthcoming album lie heavily within time spent in Berlin by cousins Husky Gawenda and Gideon Preiss (who comprise the band’s current line up). Gawenda described that time period to Australia’s Triple J radio as “a long, dark, crazy, hedonistic dream.”

That dream imagery is on full display in the video for “Ghost.” I can’t stop watching it. It’s animated, but in a way that almost resembles needlepoint. It’s uncannily soothing and unnerving all at once. Oh, and the song that it accompanies is a bonafide jam.

Here’s Gawenda on the video:

“I’ve never seen an animation quite like this. The Mexican textile, Day of the Dead style imagery is colorful and playful but still has these dark undertones. For me, this captures something important about the song. There is a sense of forward movement and excitement that hints at a hopefulness, even when surrounded by darkness.”

Punchbuzz will be released on June 2nd via Nevado Music.