Voxhaul Broadcast – “Steal the Diamonds”

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It’s interesting how a man singing in falsetto can be very sexy. Prince taught me that at an early age, but the song I’m thinking about now is “Steal the Diamonds” by local band Voxhaul Broadcast. Thanks to David Dennis’ vocals and super groovy bass line, this song may be one of their best yet.

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When they visited MBE last year, the big conversation was about where their sound was going – they seemed to be straddling two worlds, one a bit more poppy and the other more hard rockin’.

I’m not sure their full length “Timing is Everything” answers that question and I’m not sure it has to. It features new favorites like Diamonds and “Leaving on the 5th,” as well as songs we’ve been spinning on the air for many months, like a new version of “Blackout Conversation” (complete with chorus handclaps).

When I first met the band’s manager early last year, he told me that this band was destined to follow the path of other Orange County breakout bands like Cold War Kids. He was sure of it.

They conquered SXSW last month and will be touring with Airborne Toxic Event (including a date at The Music Box on April 28) so it seems they are well on their way.

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