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Wait THink Fast

Wait.Think.Fast celebrated the release of their new album Luces Del Sur earlier this week and KCRW Raul Campos tells us why the bilingual indie rockers are a band to watch:

“Being a native Angeleno, I always gravitate towards supporting local bands.  It’s a huge plus when the band is as fantastic as Wait. Think. Fast.  I’ve had the opportunity to follow this band since its inception about just a few years ago.  Jackie Santillan’s vocals bring such a haunting passion to the music that is so captivating and inspiring you can not help to be entranced!

The new album Luces Del Sur is just that — gorgeous melodies, tremendously heartfelt lyrics and vocals make this a beautifully well-rounded package.

“Bad Night”

Instantly, I was drawn to the tune “Bad Night.”  Maybe it’s because I can relate on so many levels to it, or could it be that it’s just a fantastically produced tune. Either way, it’s a song that I have to repeat at least a couple times every time I pop the CD in my player. ”

Raul Campos

Editor’s Note: KCRW exclusively premiered another track from the album — “Leymah Contra Los Diablos” – earlier this year as Today’s Top Tune. If you missed the free download, you can stream it below!

The song is a duet by Santillan and recent Latin Grammy nominee Ceci Bastida (ex-member of iconic Mexican punk band Tijuana No and formerly of Julieta Venegas’s band).

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