Watch: Chad Valley – “Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel?)”

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I was introduced to Chad Valley last year by KCRW DJ Jason Eldredge, who left us to pursue higher education in New York City but will be back on the air this summer. Jason loves this type of airy, cheerful electro-pop.  And I do too – it makes my heart feel light.

Chad Valley is a solo project from UK producer Hugo Manuel, who is also part of the quintet Jonquil. Pitchfork has called it “sun-kissed” dance music and I must say I agree.

Just in time for summer, Chad Valley has a video for their new single “Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel?)”. Just what I needed to fight the June gloom here on the West Coast!


Trust me and throw this one on your road trip mix tape. (I’m in serious mix tape mode – something about summer does that to me)