Watch Out Lady Gaga: M.I.A. May Outdo You!

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Fresh from the half-time flip-off that British superstar M.I.A. did at half time on Sunday’s Super Bowl, now she comes out with a provocative video that will certainly not only turn some heads but also turn off others.   I’m told that it could have been filmed in Jordan, but certainly not Saudi Arabia, where women aren’t allowed to drive.  Wonder if it will get there on the underground cyber-pipeline?

Best known for her work on A.R. Rahman’s Slum Dog Millionaire soundtrack, the artist–of Sri Lankan Tamil descent–is all over the place, releasing videos, singles, and charting a high international profile.   Although currently married and living in the posh Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, she is a restless artist and activist who is always on the move.

Her 2006 album Kala  was recorded in India, Trinidad, Liberia, Jamaica, Australia, Japan, and the UK.  Her fourth studio album is set for release this summer.

Here is the new video of her current single, “Bad Girls”, produced by Romain Gavras, released on February 3rd.