Watch the World Refugee Day inspired video 'Language' by TRISHES

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Today, Trinidadian American urban pop musician and visual artist Trish Hosein, known as TRISHES, released a special documentary-style music video for World Refugee Day. Hosein, who volunteers with refugees and asylum seekers in Los Angeles, became particularly close with the first family she worked with. The couple and their three young sons sought refuge in the U.S., fleeing the danger of a well-known terrorist organization in the Middle East. The family worked with Hosein to create a video that shows a day in their lives, from getting ready for school, going to work, and playing in the yard, culminating with the kids’ very first birthday party.

Hosein explains, “because their home country does not keep birth records, they were able to choose birthdays upon arriving in the U.S. Two of the boys chose the same day.”

Hosein was born in the U.S. while her parents were at university, but moved back to her parent’s home country of Trinidad as an infant. She says she identifies strongly with the plight of immigrants andhopes to raise awareness for the U.S. refugee ceiling, which is currently set at 30,000 under the Trump administration. It is the lowest cap since the Refugee Act’s inception in 1980. Hosein also says that with the vilification and inhumane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers by the current U.S. administration, she hopes to offer an alternative narrative and show the beauty that refugees bring to our communities.

Check out the video for “Language” below and you can see her perform at Desert Nights tonight.