What Does Pandora’s Tim Westergren Listen To?

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timwestergrenConsidering he founded the hugely popular internet music service Pandora, I was very, very curious about Tim Westergren’s music selections when he came on the Guest DJ Project. He’s dedicated his life to examining songs to find out what makes them beautiful and he talked about his evolution from composing music – to deconstructing it – during his set.

As a die-hard music lover, my favorite Guest DJ Project sets are when I discover a new artist or song. In the case of Tim Westergren, it was singer Judee Sill. He talks about how her music really opened up the possibilities of a “fusion of sounds” for him as a kid. Here is a great live performance of his song choice “The Kiss” (skip ahead to the :50 sec mark)

He also had some really interesting takes on well known songs from Steely Dan, The Beatles, Billy Joel and Fleetwood Mac. He is definitely a thoughtful listener and it was great to get some insight into how he looks at music. Check out his set here