What I Got at the Post Office Today by Chuck P

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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

Today was a bit of a rush. My daughter Magdalena wasn’t in the mood to stop at the PO Box, but I was able to coax her into the car with some sliced bananas and we made it intact.  Now, what do we have here…


Modey Lemon – Haven’t heard much from these guys lately, but when I played an older track on the show a few weeks ago, I found out about this new single.  It’s super good and 7″ of the Week material.


Grinderman 2 – As a huge fan of the Birthday Party, any new Grinderman music is welcome.  I played a new track from this album about a month ago, but expect to hear more tonight on the show.


Weezer – I don’t know if it’s the cover art, but there is something so welcoming about this album.  I will definitely give it a listen, even though I’m not expecting much.  Maybe I’ll just frame it and put it on the wall since Hurley makes me smile.

First Aid Kit and Mary Halvorson Quintet are close runners up this week.  An unusually bountiful day at the ol’ pobox!

Hear more later tonight @ 12a.


Chuck P.

Editor’s Note: First Aid Kit was a standout set I stumbled onto at SXSW this year. How cute are these Swedish sisters?