What I Got at the Post Office Today by Chuck P

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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

Hot week, right? Jeez… just baked in our house all weekend. Seems to have broken a bit tho, and just in time as FYF Fest is coming up this Saturday! Expect temps in the mid 80s for the show.

Lots of cool tunes at the post office this week… let’s chop a few chunks off into our glass, shall we?

1) Crystal Antlers mega deluxe super duper rocker vinyl package – for the new album, “Two Way Mirror”, Crystal Antlers have created an amazing gift for their fans. A record bag, with a pin (see it in the top left corner?), the LP (clear vinyl), a 10″ of extra tunes and demos and CDRs of all the music. This is the way it should be done. Artists, take notice… a music fan/DJ will go gaga over this type of packaging. It was first on to the turntable and I enjoyed every minute of it. An excellent LA band.

2) Light In The Attic releases – Jim Ford & Charles “Packy” Axton. More archival genius from the master selectors at Light in The Attic and beautifully packaged, as usual. I’ve heard music from Jim Ford, but Axton is new to me. Looking forward to cracking these cats open.

3) Hella “Tripper”Zach Hill finally returns to his first band with Spencer Seim. They experimented with expanding the lineup to include silly things, like bass, synths and vocals. Thankfully, they’ve gone back to their roots and it’s just the duo of Hill on drums and Seim on guitar. Some of the coolest, mathy rock ‘n’ roll on the planet. If you like drums, you NEED to see Hill play. He is a hurricane on the skins. A true artist.

4) AA Bondy “Believers” – love this guy. Strait up American roots music with consistently killer songwriting. I can guarantee that this cd will see serious play on my show and probably a lot of others at KCRW as well. You may remember Scott Bondy of the band Verbena. They were compared to Nirvana quite a bit, and while their sounds were similar, Verbena was different enough not to be saddled with that comparison. But hey, there are worse comparisons, right? At least they weren’t the second coming of Collective Soul.

Digital promo of the week is tied with the new Tom Waits’ track and the Tabou Combo reissue of Respect. Honorable mentions include the new Blitzen Trapper, Nurses and the new collab between Rafter & Simon Lord of Simian called Roberts & Lord. Should be a kicker. All this and more tonight.

Have fun this weekend and if you see me out at FYF Fest, hit a brother up!


Chuck P.