What I Got at the Post Office Today by Chuck P

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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

A gorgeous and windy day. The week is forecast to be typically perfect SoCal weather. The beauty of the weather is mirrored by a beautiful and bountiful grip of vinyl and other releases at the post office this week.

1) 3 LPs + 2 7″s – Wowsers! New 12″s from Computer Magic and One AM Radio, along with an excellent deluxe LP reissue from Michael Hurley. Plus, a new 7″ from Hex, a band on Third Man records, owned by Jack White and a copy of the “Wild Flag Record Store Day” 7″ sent over by a wonderful man named John, who saw me whining on twitter about how it was impossible to find it in LA. What a champ. One AM Radio was released earlier this year, so I’m glad I finally get to check it out. Been jamming to Computer Magic for a while now, and I’m really excited to play this new 12″.

2) Steve EarleI’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” – Back when I was doing country radio in the early 90s (seriously), I used to play some Steve Earle, much to the dismay of the program director. “A return to roots,” is what I’m reading on the one sheet that came with the CD. I wonder if it sounds like the latest album from his son Justin Townes Earle released last year.

3) David Kilgour & The Heavy EightsLeft By Soft” – The Clean main man is back with a new Heavy Eights album and I’m pushing it to the top of the “TO LISTEN” stack. A quirk pop song writing master, I’m sure there will be lots here to dig on.
Honorable mentions include new discs from Omar Rodriguez Lopez (of Mars Volta), Daedelus and a compilation of Daptone 7″s on CD. It’s nice that Daptone decided to make the music available on CD to those of us who slept on those 7″s when they were released. It’s impossible to stay on top of it all, but the good thing is we will never run out of new music to discover.

Most of this and so much more tonight at 12a.

Dig it!
Chuck P.