What I Got at the Post Office Today by Chuck P

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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

Loving the dynamic weather we’ve been having over the past week… but it’s pretty cold today. Sun, you’re welcome to come back any time. Really. We’re ready. Please?

Goodies from the post today…

1) Vinyl love – TRMRS LP and Heavenly States thank you vinyl. TRMRS LP is something I’ve been looking forward to, so I’ll slap that sucker on the turntable first. Heavenly States are a band I’ve been playing for a few weeks now. They play tonight at the Troubadour with Buffalo Tom. Sadly, the album came in a soft jiffy pack, so the cover is all bent, creased and ugly, but I’m guessing the vinyl will be okay. If you’re gonna ship an LP, use cardboard… lesson learned.


2) Bedouin SoundclashLight The Horizon” – I remember these guys from a few years ago. Kind of like Fool’s Gold, but a little more contemporary and less authentic (not a bad thing). A summer festival band, fo sho. I can already smell the patchouli and burning sage…

3) The Asteroids Galaxy TourThe Golden Age EP” – Dug these guys when they had one of their songs in that Apple ad years ago. I think they’ve got a new song in a Heineken commercial. Cool. I think some of todays best music is showing up on TV shows and in commercials. Now, if only commercial radio would get a clue… no worries. You’ve got KCRW to fill the void.

Honorable mentions include SMOD (produced by Manu Chao & includes the son of Amadou & Mariam), plus new music from OSLO & And Richards.

However, you’ll hear none of this tonight. Tonight @ 12a tune in for volume two of the Post Punk Primer. Killer punk and electro from the early 80s.

Talk then.

Chuck P.

(@chuckp8 on twitter)