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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

Last week I was a little surprised the folks out in the desert had such great weather. I used to say the first hot weekend of the year always seemed to coincide with Coachella. Well… lo and behold, this weekend will definitely be HOT. Stay hydrated and bring a hat, y’all. Those of us sticking around in LA this weekend can enjoy Record Store Day and a few other may join me for the Trapdoor F%*king Exit Fest. At any rate, enjoy a nice toasty weekend and keep the sunblock close.

On to this weeks haul at Ye Olde Post… (p.s. there is some NSFW album art below…)

1) Vinyl! – It’s so nice to get 7″ singles. This new split 7″ between Xiu Xiu and Vancouver upstart Dirty Beaches is sure to please. The new album from Xiu Xiu is fantastic (also out on Polyvinyl) and the latest from Dirty Beaches still finds it’s way on to my turntable from time to time.

2) Light In The Attic – New stuff from reissue kings Light In The Attic Records. First, a compilation from Lee Hazlewood called The LHI Years: Singles Nudes & Backsides 1966-1971. The artwork here is kinda NSFW, but I’m showing it anyway. Hope I didn’t get you in trouble. Also, another compilation that looks sure to please called Listen, Whitey! Billed as Sounds Of Black Power 1967-1974, the artwork again is impeccable.

3) Soft Abuse – Just got this lovely package from Soft Abuse Records including the latest CD from Pumicewho blissfully sound like a knockoff of NZ’s Dead C or Gate, which makes me happy to no end. Also a nice reference to the TFE festival I referred to at the beginning of this post. They were kind enough to send digital downloads of a few other releases as well. Very cool indeed. A fantastic label pushing the boundaries of exquisite art.

4) LA Record – So happy to be on LA Record‘s mailing list. Not only for the occasional flexi they include with their issues (music from Reigning Sound came with this one!) but for great writing and just basically existing in print form. One of my favorite 90s things to do was read and collect fanzines. You know those things called blogs? They used to be called fanzines… and it’s a dying art. If you love music, find a fanzine and support the hell out of it. LA Record is a great place to start if you need one.

Honorable mentions include new music from Chicha Libre, Diamond Rugs and Patrick Watson with the digital promo of the week going to Ex Cops for their teaser double A side single to the upcoming album from Other Music. I love it when great record stores become great labels. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be magic.

Also received this package from Merge Records this week…

After hearing how amazing they were at Coachella (see this this weekend if you missed them last weekend) I wish I could hand these out to every Wild Flag fan in LA… but since I can’t, I’m going to wallpaper my office with them. Hey, I can be a fan too, right?

Thanks for reading and talk at ya next week.


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