Wild Beasts on MBE

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UK band Wild Beasts have been lauded in their native country for the soaring and ambitious music on their second album, “Two Dancers.” Jason described their music as “intoxicating” and I think that about nails it. Singer Hayden Thorpe’s theatrical falsetto is hard to ignore, but strikes a perfect balance with the shimmering guitar work — it doesn’t come off as overdramatic, but pure and powerful. Bassist Tom Fleming also shares in the vocal duties on standout tracks like “All the Kings Men.” In the interview with Jason, Hayden said their lyrics are “an instrument that function in the song.” They are definitely poetic and are worth examining more closely.  The band just arrived in the States after playing the Laneway Festival in Australia (as did Mumford & Sons, who popped their head into the studio this morning to say a quick hello).

Check out the full session here.