Woolf and The Wondershow – “Cages” Video Premiere

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Mysterious LA duo Woolf and the Wondershow like to mix their art with a healthy dose of whimsy.  Despite being the kind of band whose concerts double as “installations,” producer/singer Christopher J Baran & film composer Benjamin J Romans play an absolutely approachable brand of electro-pop that can switch from delicate chamber music to buzz-saw electronic throbs in a flash, draped with a dramatic vocal altered by further electronic tinkering.  Their debut EP, We Need to Talk, comes out June 10, and features the single, “Cages,” whose video we are proud to premiere:

Feeling something like a Matthew Barney-directed version of an Anne Rice novel, “Cages” showcases the band at their most typical, with adjectives coming to mind like “dramatic,” “Victorian,” “cryptic,” “cheeky,” “beautiful” and “wonder-inducing.”  Expect more from this duo in the near future!

Further info about Woolf and the Wondershow can be found here.