World Fest Starts This Sunday!

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KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad will be hosting this Sunday’s World Festival kick off concert at the Hollywood Bowl. ALL of us here at KCRW love our Bowl shows so much and we know you do to. A personal note from Garth:

I so cherish what seem like moments made from divine providence. Everything about such moments evokes the belief in angelic whispers to the minds ear, gently luring humanity together to celebrate its spirit and the gifts we’ve been given.

It’s time once again to celebrate the madness of summer, as one. There is no better place to do it than at the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday as KCRW kicks off its annual World Festival. Take a moment and imagine it…refreshing sips to cool the tongue, savory treats to satiate the belly, family, friends, and life affirming music as the sun sets on a mellow June eve. Those kinds of good vibrations can be hard to find these days.

I, for one, cannot wait to feast my eyes and ears on the joyous musical pleasures this Sunday will surely bring. As with each World Festival inauguration it is my hope to step out onto that stage and see an ocean of friends and music lovers, there to demonstrate the support of something that has become much more than a radio station over the years. The relevance of the first event is akin to the drop in a pond – it determines the how far and wide the ripples will go.

I want to you to be my drop in the pond. Not only will we witness a rare appearance from legendary Senegalese master Baaba Maal, but the mind boggling sonic beauty of electric guitar strumming Tuareg outfit Tinariwen, the dazzling prog rock of Brooklyn’s Yeasayer, and LA’s own tropical soul men, Fool’s Gold!

I need you there. I need to inhale your cheers, your claps, your screams & shouts. As selfish as I am about that kind of love, it’s really about us experiencing it together.

Please join me.

DJ Garth Trinidad

Find more info and a link to buy tickets here!