Yann Tiersen Live on KCRW

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Most people know French musician Yann Tiersen as the composer behind the film “Amelie”. It was a quirky and heartwarming movie and the music, much of it from from Tiersen’s early albums, matched it perfectly.

We were treated to a bunch of songs from his latest album “Skyline” and his music has this transportive nature – it doesn’t take you anywhere specific, it just takes you away, particularly a longer song like “Till The End”.

Yann says he aims to make his music abstract, simple and beautiful, which is as good a description as I could ever come up with. The recording of “Skyline” was fueled by the energy of the tour before it and he recorded part of it on a small island off the coast of France with just 700 occupants (and lots of pubs). He seems to enjoy the process – starting with an initial idea, adding layers, and occasionally abandoning the original genesis of a song for something all together different, saying he likes to be “surprised” and “lost”.

This is a gorgeous set of music and I highly recommend you give it a listen!


Yann Tiersen Live on KCRW


Till the End

The Gutter

The Trial

I’m Gonna Live Anyhow

Vanishing Point