Yoga Guru Shiva Rea Guest Deejays on KCRW

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ShivaReaShiva Rea is one of the most well-known yoga instructors in the world. Being an aspiring yogi myself, I was really excited to find myself in her presence for this Guest DJ Project set. As you might expect, she has a tremendous positive energy that fills the whole room. I mean, it was striking. And, little did I know, that the Malibu resident is also a huge KCRW devotee.

Shiva embraces music as a powerful force in her practice and her life – from the teachings of Bob Marley to her first dance guru, Mick Jagger. She gives us song suggestions for getting funky and getting deep, as well as an education in how  yoga relates to jazz. Check out her Guest DJ Project set here.

Shiva teaches locally at Exhale and is a featured instructor at Wanderlust, a four-day retreat in Squaw Valley starting July 29.