You Can Be A Star!

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Now-Again Records is a label driven by the genuine love, appreciation and expertise of Eothen Alapatt, aka Egon, (who was also Stones Throw Records’ longtime general manager). I am always excited to hear about a new compilation release because they always mine territory that has been previously ignored or not given it’s proper due –and you can tell they put a LOT of research into each one, so it’s a true gem worth owning.

Egon presents 15 rare and unreleased tracks on their latest comp, “Soul Cal:Funky Disco & Modern Soul 1971-1982” (out earlier this week), that was a decade in the making!

The album comes with an 80-page book filled with rare photos and the story on each band. Just reading about the “making of” “Soul Cal” was fascinating and then I put it on the stereo and an impromptu dance party erupted in my house (true story).

It kicks off with the excellent Luther Davis and the track “You Can Be a Star”.

Their press release calls it “the definitive survey of America’s best, independent 70s soul-ensembles” and, next to the psychedelic masterpiece “Forge Your Own Chains”, it’s my favorite Now-Again comp to date. Highly recommend!