Yuna Live on KCRW: Live Your Life

Written by
by photographer Larry Hirshowitz

Malaysian singer Yuna has a beautiful voice so I’m very glad she decided to pursue a music career instead of becoming a lawyer. Yep, she was in law school when she started hanging out with a bunch of musicians and realized that making music was a lot more fun.

She learned to speak English listening to American bands like No Doubt (she also names Feist as an influence) but it’s her unique background and positive point of view – just listen to the lyrics in “Live Your Life” – that really define her as an artist.

Yuna treated us to tracks off her new album and threw in a few covers as well, including Nirvana’s “Come as You Are” and “I Miss You” by Incubus.

Check out the full session here.


Yuna Set List

Bad Idea
Remember My Name
Live Your Life
Come as You Are (Nirvana cover)
I Miss You (Incubus)