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Zara McFarlane has a great voice and just released a stunning jazz album called “ Until Tomorrow”.

Zara actually works as a singing teacher at a London school. Somewhat unassuming, Zara comes from Depford, in South East London. She studied popular music and completed a Master’s degree in Jazz studies. She’s also studied musical theatre at the world famous Brit school (the same place as Adele!!).

Her wide musical interests have meant she’s worked on a variety of projects — from collaborating with a house producer Bopstar to gigging with South African icon Hugh Masekela.

Take a listen to “Chiraroscuro”.

Zara McFarlane – Chiaroscuro by Brownswood

Zara has collaborated with some key players on the Jazz scene, from Denys Baptiste, Orphy Robinson and Soweto Kinch. This album includes Peter Edwards (Piano), Nick Walsh (double bass), Andy Chapman (drums) and saxophonists Binker Goldings, Camilla George and Zem Adu. Zara says she’s trying “to bring a contemporary feel to old music and I think she accomplishes that goal well.

We here at Love From London reckon that “Until Tomorrow is just the beginning in a long and successful musical journey for Zara McFarlane.

Alex Kenning

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