Zee Avi Live on KCRW – Concrete Wall

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At one point during Zee Avi’s set on Morning Becomes Eclectic, the Malaysian singer was pounding a drum that was almost bigger than she was. It was for the slightly hip hop “Concrete Wall”, which has been our favorite lately.  Zee is tiny but she packs a wallop in her songs – which go down like honey, but sometimes hide a sting with lyrics of longing and yearning. Many of the songs were written on a 3-month retreat to Florida and you can feel the laidback tropical vibe.

Zee will be flying back from Malaysia to join KCRW on our holiday benefit show “Are Friends Eclectic?” at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre in Downtown LA on Saturday, December 3. She is a charming in every way and is the perfect artist to celebrate the holiday season with!


Zee Avi Live on KCRW Playlist

Milestone Moon

31 Days

Swell Window

The Book of Morris Johnson

Siboh Kitak Nangis

Concrete Wall

Stay in The Clouds

Roll Your Heads in The Sun