Zero 7 on MBE

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UK’s Zero 7 reinvent themselves with each new release, but never fail to produce music that is mesmerizing and beautiful. The musical duo of Henry Binns and Sam Hardake invite a host of contributors on each of their albums. They’ve worked with KCRW favorites Jose Gonzalez and Sia in the past and joked about the idea of a “The Last Waltz”-type concert with dozens of special guests.  Sia doesn’t make an appearance on their latest release because she is busy at work on her upcoming solo album, but the band said future collaborations are definitely possible.

For their forth studio album “Yeah Ghost,” Zero 7 picked up the tempo a bit and invited jazz and soul singer Eska Mtungwazi into the line up. The band says they struggled to get a handle on the kind of record they wanted to make so it was more sonically diverse than some of their previous work. “Swing” is a clear favorite here in the basement and it was fantastic to hear reworked versions of other songs off the album.

Check out the set here