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New Music Episodes

EpisodeEl Niño & the Southern Oscillation: Number Stations
Brooklyn musician Sam Posner's creation El Niño & the Southern Oscillations is not just a definition for global weather patterns but a band that meditates on the beauty and power of the ocean in an ambient and upbeat way.
EpisodeMarion Hodges Guest Hosts
Marion Hodges sits in for Anne Litt.
EpisodeLatest Show by Marion Hodges
If you see live music in Los Angeles, you've probably seen Marion Hodges.
EpisodeLatest Show
Mario Cotto hosts a kaleidoscopic Dada dance party! Check out the latest show On-Demand.
EpisodeJoe Goddard Exclusive Mix
Hot Chip co-founder, 2 Bears member and Grammy-nominated producer Joe Goddard combines a thirst for experimentation, an instinctive understanding of the dance floor and a love of left-of-center pop music in his exclusive mix for Metropolis.
EpisodeLatest Show
Jason Bentley captures the hypnotic pulse of modern city life in a weekly dance show on Saturday nights.
EpisodeLatest Show
Liza Richardson hosts a weekend evening jam session featuring cosmic rock, scenic techno soul, dub disco-punk and extra classic party explosives from around the world. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
Episode text/texmacsGary Calamar guest hosts
Gary Calamar sits in for Chris Douridas.
EpisodeTravis Holcombe guest hosts
Travis Holcombe sits in for Raul Campos.
EpisodeSaturday's Latest Show
Anne Litt hosts unexpected choices in progressive pop and new rhythms. Listen On-Demand to the latest (Saturday) show.
EpisodeLatest Show
An elegant and exquisite sense of musicality accompanies long-time jazz DJ Bo Leibowitz, where he “plays sides” in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
EpisodeLatest Show
Mathieu Schreyer hosts a global rhythm trip of passion and soul. Check out the latest show On-Demand.
EpisodeLatest Show
Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk.
EpisodeLatest Show
Garth Trinidad hosts a progressive mix of soul, hip-hop, and world rhythms. Listen On-Demand to the latest show.
EpisodeAnthony Valadez guest hosts
Anthony Valadez sits in for Jason Bentley.
Episode Canon CRW raw imageTwo Door Cinema Club: Gameshow, Live at KCRW
Two Door Cinema Club: Gameshow, Live at KCRW. Exclusive Record Store Day 2017 release.
Episode Canon CRW raw imageHamilton Leithauser + Rostam: Live at KCRW
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam: Live at KCRW, exclusive Record Store Day 2017 release.
Episode application/x-troff-meBroken Social Scene: Halfway Home
Canadian collective Broken Social Scene has released its first song in seven years.
EpisodeChasing Trane
Tom interviews director John Scheinfeld, writer/director of Chasing Trane, a film documentary about jazz legend John Coltrane.
EpisodeLittle Dragon
We've been anxiously awaiting a new album from Sweden's Little Dragon.
EpisodeLatest Show
The latest show from Morning Becomes Eclectic, hosted by Jason Bentley. New releases, artists, live performances, and artist interviews. At KCRW.com.
EpisodePetit Biscuit: Sunset Lover
It's uncommon for a 17-year-old French producer to sell out all of the dates on his first North American tour, but Petit Biscuit did just that.
EpisodeLatest Show
If you see live music in Los Angeles, you've probably seen Marion Hodges.
Nomadic musicians from the Saharan region of northwest Africa, the members of Tinariwen have been sharing their particular brand of desert blues since 1979.
EpisodeLatest Show
Jason Kramer features selections that range from carefully curated music from around the world with unique gems and quality tracks that will satisfy the needs of even the most discerning music aficionados.
Episode Plain TextPWR BTTM: Answer My Text
A couple of years ago, Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins became PWR BTTM. The duo bonded in college over their mutual love of performance and drag artistry.
EpisodeLatest Show
Broken beats, soulful key chords, samples and sounds.
EpisodeBay Ledges: Safe (Speak Too Soon)
Many artists pursue their dreams of becoming famous by doing odd jobs or working as waiters. Zach Hurd, aka Bay Ledges, was a one-time waiter in Venice who put his musical dreams on the back burner and decided to make music just for the sake of it and record songs that felt good.
Episode text/texmacsAnthony Valadez guest hosts
Anthony Valadez sits in for Travis Holcombe
EpisodeAaron Byrd guest hosts
Aaron Byrd sits in for Jason Bentley.

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