Anthony Valadez: Just Visiting

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The DJs here at KCRW are pretty talented people.  In addition to hosting the best radio shows heard anywhere, they are also involved in all sorts of creative projects outside of the station, from spinning at LA’s hippest venues to music supervising the latest Hollywood blockbuster.  Some of our DJs are even musicians in their own right.  Anthony Valadez, who you can hear on-air every Monday night at midnight, has just released his latest album, Just Visiting, and we’re excited to steam a record from a member of the KCRW’s family right here as part of our Album Preview!
Here’s Anthony to discuss what the record means to him:
Just VisitingJust Visiting is my latest release on Plug Research and is just one of my huge accomplishments as a producer.  It’s the album I have always wanted to record, shifting away from the samplers and machines and moving more into a live feel.  I reached out to many of the artists I have been playing on KCRW in regards to lending their talents to the record and many agreed to do so, including Anna Wise of Sonnymoon, Genevieve of Pollyn, Nick Rosen, Def Sound, The Park, Mar, Joya Mooi and Damon Aaron.
A few of these artists just happened to be hanging in LA or on tour and I managed to snatch them and record vocals on the fly in my living room.  Bay Area rhythm section The Park were rehearsing at my place with Wall Paper and we just decided to record a freestyle jam.  Mics were set up around drums and soon we layered bass and keys.  We then emailed the file to Mar in Amsterdam, who sent me back some amazing vocals.  It was amazing listening to this song come together.  It was almost like watching your kid grow before your eyes and get accepted into college.
This album feels so right.  I often drive around and listen to it beginning to end, and I love the journey that it provides.  The vocals and tone are very introspective, paralleling what I have the felt the past two years of my life as a human being, adjusting to my personal growth (or lack of).  I hope people love the album.  I hope they enjoy it and it resonates with them.

Just Visiting will be available to stream on demand from Monday June 25 through July 2, 2012.