Empresarios: El Sonido Magico

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By KCRW Music Librarian and DJ, Eric J. Lawrence

During the week that features that most American of holidays, Thanksgiving, what better way to celebrate the musical melting pot of our country than with the new Empresarios album, El Sonido Magico.  Based in our nation’s capitol, this six-piece collective fuse Latin, funk, reggae and dance music flavors into a tasty casserole guaranteed to be better than that weird canned cranberry sauce you might find on your Thanksgiving table this week!
Bandleader & percussionist Javier Miranda leads his troops through spicy jams such as “Salsa De Gala” and “Volume,” while “Rompan Fila” brings a serious dub vibe and “7th Street Groove” bounces along with a souped up go-go beat well-familiar to regular Washington, D.C. clubgoers.  Salsa and Cumbia rhythms intermingle with throbbing baselines and compelling vocals challenging the listener to dare to sit still.
Empresarios just might be the cure for your Thanksgiving day food coma, so enjoy a preview of their new album!

El Sonido Magico will be available to stream on demand from Monday November 19 through November 26, 2012.