Laura Veirs: July Flame

ap091221laura_veirs_july_flaCOVER115x115.jpg Singer-songwriter Laura Veirs writes starkly beautiful songs tinged with romantic intoxication and personal vignettes. Her first album was self-released in 1999, and features just her and a guitar recorded live. Over the next few years Laura went on to release six more titles including 2003’s Troubled by the Fire, a full-band effort that found her sharing the studio with such luminaries as Bill Frisell, Amy Denio, and Fred Chalenor. Laura Veirs’ seventh album July Flame blends the artist’s acoustic inspiration with a range of fuller arrangements as it explores the emotions of mid-summer. The songs seem to be drenched in wood smoke, sunlight, pastoral dales, and warm nights. Her vocals and melodies shift and veer, true to her name, up and down her wide vocal range. While July Flame is a relatively stripped-down folk record, it also explores new territory and lovingly highlights Laura’s masterful finger picking guitar and graceful vocals.


July Flame streams on KCRW's Eclectic 24 at 8pm Monday, December 21 and will be available on-demand through January 19, 2010.


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Track listing:

1. I Can See Your Tracks

2. July Flame

3. Sun Is King

4. Where Are You Driving?

5. Life Is Good Blues

6. Silo Song

7. Little Deschutes

8. Summer Is The Champion

9. When You Give Your Heart

10. Sleeper In The Valley

11. Wide-Eyed, Legless

12. Carol Kaye

13. Make Something Good