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coverThere's a buzz, a distant hum, a low rumble with an analog warmth coming from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Faint echoes of vintage tones duct-taped to the bumper of ingenuity on a road trip towards the promise of a brand new day. If you asked "WHO?" you would already be half-right. They, like "Dr. Who", have trippy music, cool visuals, and... a time machine. They call themselves The Stepkids.
Every member of The Stepkids is steeped in experience and proficiency beyond their years. They've all played in other bands for so long that when they decided to create this outfit, they agreed not to bother crafting a sound that fits today's feel but to draw influence from their favorites through the years. Folk and psychedelic elements from Rotary Connection and The Free Design are there, while groove and song structure might allude to an early Sly & The Family Stone b-side or the debut record from The Parliaments. If you stretch your ear enough, hints of Yes, Can and even Steely Dan can be heard.
Listen to "Suburban Dream" for a steady bug-out that could have easily been an outtake from Dark Side of the Moon, while "Legend In His Own Mind" sounds like a syrupy, soulful ballad found on the reel-to-reel the morning after The Temptations' heavy acid trip. No one song can define their style, so it was only fitting that we present to you their debut record in its entirety. Check your watch before you press play, because you can get lost in here.

-- Jeremy Sole, KCRW Music Host


Additionally... Jeremy Sole had The Stepkids in for a web exclusive interview and here is a snippet. Check out the full interview here.

Jeremy Sole interviews The Stepkids by KCRW

The Stepkids will be available to stream on demand from September 19 through October 18, 2011. The album will be released on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.

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Track listing
1. Intro
2. Brain Ninja
3. Suburban Dream
4. Shadows On Behalf
5. Legend In My Own Mind
6. Santos & Ken
7. La La
8. Wonderfox
9. Cup Half Full
10. Outro





Jeremy Sole