Garth Trinidad's Labor Day Music Special

Second on today's schedule, but a first-class music programmer, Garth Trinidad is one of three popular KCRW hosts featured on our nine-hour Labor Day music special. His exploration into urban rhythms and soul created a new home for a demographic that isn't served anywhere else and a place for artists like Van Hunt, Sylk 130 and J Davey to thrive.

Garth says the unspoken dialogue he has with his listeners and a vibe of unity through music is what makes his show special. He also has developed relationships with artists, producers and labels that are nurturing the same music. He says "the hunger in artists that are trying to survive in the new marketplace – that is what inspires me to keep going."

Like Jason Bentley (9am-noon) and Anne Litt (9pm-midnight), Garth will cull from the archives, spotlight artists he's discovered and championed, and share memorable moments.  (1-4pm)