Global Beat Mexico

Global Beat Mexico

KCRW’s Global Beat: México takes you from the clubs of CDMX to the fresh Monterrey scene to the shores of Veracruz and beyond to discover the best new artists you probably haven’t heard yet. Supercharge your playlists and enjoy the journey with KCRW DJ Raul Campos and our curators, Mexico City DJ and music supervisor Junf, festival director and music consultant Monica Saldaña, and NPR’s Betto Arcos.

Junf, Betto Arcos, and Moni Saldaña join Raul to bring you tunes for your holiday soundtrack. “Tengo Tanto Deseo de Ti” by Emally Villa brings the Señor Discos energy.

Moni Saldaña is back with Raul and three new tracks! Mexico City’s LATIN MAFIA teams up with Humbe on a huge new hit “Patadas de Ahogado.”

Junf is back with Raul and three new tracks! “No Juice” from Proux brings the Señor Discos energy to the dancefloor.

Betto is back with Raul and three new tunes. First up, Los Malagueña put a modern twist on son huasteco in “Flores Negras.”

Moni Saldaña is back with three fresh tracks for us: slick R&B vibes kick things off with “Azul” by Noa Sainz. Experience full vibrant color in “Abriendo Los Ojos” by Radio Carretera.

Betto is back from Mexico with 3 tracks all recorded at a legendary studio in Coyoacán, Mexico.

Junf is back with Raul and 3 danceable tracks. Two siblings from Oaxaca bring us Britpop-inspired avant garde sounds in “Bola Ora” by Valgur.

Moni Saldaña is back with two Tijuana-born bands: Vaya Futuro’s heavy rock track “Posesión” channels some angry energy.