KCRW Broadcast 124


What a show we have for you tonight! All you need to do is look down the list and it’s all good all the way the way through.
If you look a ways down this stellar gathering of great tunes and you will see two Boris tunes with the same title. Not a typo! There are two different versions of this album. I took both versions of the song Statement and put them into our set because they are so different from each other, I thought you would dig hearing them both. It’s not the first time we have played two Boris songs in our set.
Re-issue Dept.: The Gun Club’s last album, Lucky Jim has been re-issued on LP by Bang Records. This is a great album and previously, extremely hard to find on vinyl. It sounds great. We play a track from the album tonight to hopefully whet your appetite.
Passing On Dept.: As many of you Fanatics know, sadly, ex- Motörhead guitarist Würzel passed away on July 9th. He was in the band many years ago but is on quite a few of the band’s albums. I met him a few years ago, really cool guy. So, in his honor, we play a Motörhead track that he played on.
Live Show Alert Dept.: It was a great week for shows. Last Tuesday night, I went to the Echo and saw Omar Souleyman and Wednesday went to the Troub and checked out Tinariwen. Great shows and bravo to LA for selling out both gigs!
New Tinariwen Track Dept.: Hey! We got the new Tinariwen album Tassili! We are playing a track tonight. Just added!!!
Tonight, we rock some Omar, perhaps a track you might not be familiar with. It’s from a CD of his that I got in Saudi Arabia in 2009. I bet you that there’s a lot more Omar Souleyman that we have not yet heard.
I put some bands into the show that we have not hung out with for awhile like Gorch Fock and at least a couple of first timers, Mr. Gnome and The Sway Machinery.
You know how we do it, Fanatics. We keep it as off balance as possible. Dig this show and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. Ramones - Cretin Hop / Rocket To Russia
02. The Dickies - Give It Back / The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
03. Viletones - Screamin' Fist / A Taste Of Honey
04. Joe Lally - Nothing To Lose / Why Should I Get Used To It
05. Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral / Melissa
06. Gorch Fock - Suicide And/Or Packed With Satan / Gorch Fock
07. Dax Riggs - I Hear Satan / Say Good Night To The World
08. Tinariwen - Adan Osamnat / Tassili

09. John Lee Hooker - Teaching The Blues / That's Where It's At!
10. Young Prisms - I Don't Get Much / Friends For Now
11. Tera Melos - Frozen Zoo / Patagonian Rats
12. Jay Reatard - Blood Visions / Blood Visions
13. Boris – Statement / Smile
14. Buck Gooter - Satan / Dogfood Towers
15. Leadbelly - You Can't Lose Me, Cholly / Shout On - Lead Belly Legacy Volume 3
16. Boris - Statement / Smile (Japanese version)
17. The Sway Machinery w/ Khaira Arby - Youba / The House Of Friendly Ghosts, Vol. I
18. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - Hills Of Pills / Gorilla Rose
19. King Tubby  - King Tubby's Key / Freedom Sounds In Dub
20. The Gun Club - Ride / Lucky Jim
21. Omar Souleyman - Track 03 / Title?
22. The Sods - Pathetic / Minutes To Go
23. hollAnd - Angel Dust Bunny / Sodium Fawn
24. J. Mascis - Too Deep / Several Shades of Why
25. Cosmic Jokers - Raumschiff Galaxy Fliegt In Die Sonne / Planeten Sit-In
26. Metal Urbain - Ghetto / L'âge D'or
27. Jerusalem - I See The Light / Jerusalem
28. Motörhead - Deaf Forever / Orgasmatron
29. Mr. Gnome - Pirates / Deliver This Creature
30. Minutemen - The Only Minority / What Makes a Man Start Fires?
31. Oliver Nelson - Night Lights / More Blues And The Abstract Truth