KCRW Broadcast 133


Tonight we settle in more comfortably into our new time slot. Hopefully you are still able to tune in. Tonight’s show is a good one, no make that a GREAT one. We start with one of the best Buzzcocks songs ever and go right into a Marnie Stern track because Marnie is coming to town on October 2nd.
Info here: http://www.songkick.com/concerts/9624358-marnie-stern-at-bootleg-bar
Since I will be heading to the airport to go to Washington DC and beyond several hours after the show, we put in a nice slice of DC area tunes as you can see, starting with the Bad Brains track.
In Dischord related news, I have heard the new Evens single that is slated to come out later this year. It’s a two song 7” and the songs sound great. Hopefully, there’s an album in the works for next year. Ian did us a favor and scrubbed a few tracks from some upcoming Dischord releases so we don’t have to worry about FCC restrictions. I will pick those up when I see the man this Sunday.
Way down towards the end of the list, you will see a band called Vum. Apparently, they are local and will have an LP version of what they sent me out in November. In their bio, they make reference to the band Suicide, a band that we listen to a lot on this show as you know. The way the track listing ended up, Vum and Suicide are right next to each other, so that worked out rather well. The album sounds pretty cool, on LP it should fill the room nicely. For more info: http://vummusic.bandcamp.com/album/night-sun.
One of my favorite Black Flag songs is Damaged II and the best version is on the Everything Went Black album, so tonight we listen the great Dez Cadena on vocals. I guess Dez is still in the Misfits. It’s been a long time since I have seen him.
Apparently, Chuck Dukowski has a new band called Black Face. I have been getting a lot of letters about this, like am supposed to know something. I really don’t but I read that they have music recorded so hopefully we will get a chance to check that out.
I think our show is a good one and the Serge track will have a little something extra that you might find good. Dig the jams and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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01. Buzzcocks - Harmony in My Head / Singles Going Steady
02. Marnie Stern - Nothing Left / Marnie Stern
03. Devo - Too Much Paranoias / Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
04. Wire - Straight Line / Pink Flag
05. Rolling Stones / Hang Fire / Tattoo You
06. Die Haut & Nick Cave - Pleasure Is The Boss / Burnin' The Ice
07. Adverts - Television's Over / Singles Collection
08. Boris – Furi / Akuma No Uta
09. David Bowie - Breaking Glass / Low
10. Miles Davis - Blue In Green / Kind Of Blue
11. Bad Brains - The Regulator / Black Dots
12. Half Japanese - The Worst I'd Ever Do / Half Gentlemen - Not Beasts
13. The Warmers - Mad At The Man / The Warmers
14. Soccer Team - I'll Never Fear Ghosts Again / Play Children's Music
15. The Aquarium – Performer / 2-song Single
16. EL Guapo – Underground - Fake French
17. One Last Wish – Shadow / 1986
18. The Snakes - Push Over / I Won’t Love You (‘Til You’re More Like Me)
19. Joseph Rosenblatt - El Mole Rachmim (Fur Titanik) / People Take Warning
20. Frank Sinatra - Saturday Night / Come Dance With Me!
21. Henry Grimes Trio - Saturday Night What Th' / The Call
22. Robert Fripp - Disengage II / Exposure (2nd mix)
23. The Misfits - London Dungeon / 12 Hits From Hell
24. Dax Riggs - Living Is Suicide / We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love (rough mix)
25. Melt-Banana - Loop Nebula / Initial T
26. Serge Gainsbourg - Erotico-Tico / Couleur Café
27. Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B Good / In the West
28. Jerry Lee Lewis - Highschool Confidential / Live at the Star Club
29. Suicide - Be Bop Kid / 2nd Suicide Album
30. Vum - The Jungle / Night Sun
31. Black Flag - Damaged II / Everything Went Black
32. Pink And Brown - Frozen Secret / Final Foods
33. Guitar Welch - I'm Gonna Leave You Mama / Angola Prisoners' Blues
34. Acid King – Midway / Early Years