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Guest hosted by Randall Roberts, Music Editor of the LA Weekly.

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01. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Live At Woodstock

From 08-18-69. Due to poor scheduling, Hendrix and his band waited all night and into the morning to finally get onstage. By the time he and the band started playing, many people had already left. When you see footage of Jimi’s set, you see a lot of vacant spaces in the field. It’s tragic. Nonetheless, Hendrix came to play and delivers one of the most face melting, mind altering performances with this version of Voodoo Chile, one of the greatest Hendrix songs. This is my favorite version and my favorite single Hendrix track.

02. Asst. - WKYS Roll Call / taped off radio 1986

I got a lot of letters about last week’s Roll Call track so I threw another one into our mix tonight. Tonight’s Roll Call is taped from a different station. People could call into the show and actually rap to the beat and it would go live onto the radio. How cool is that?! Great radio from the last century. It’s why I tape radio stuff whenever I can. Many times, no one does and it’s gone forever.

03. The Black Lips – Drugs / 200 Million Thousand

Engineer X gave me this album a few weeks ago. Really like it. I am sure many of you know more about these guys than I do. I will check out some of their other albums. I know they have been around for awhile and unsurprisingly, I am late to the dance. Good, crazy, loose music. Looking forward to hearing more.

04. Butch Willis & The Rocks – Drugs / Repeats

From the Repeats album on Teenbeat. From his bio on the Teenbeat site: Butch is a DC legend. Once roommates with Root Boy Slim, Butch used Root's band on this first album, OF. His FORTHCOMINGS album is a must own classic of brilliant down-and-out suburban DC insani-rock. Lyrics from Newsletter: "Newsletter, newsletter, I wanna marry my wife and get busted." From Wendy Maine: "She's hot as hell, I like the way she smells."

Check out the site, go to the artists box, click on his page and see a picture of Butch and Ian MacKaye! Butch is the man. Hard to describe his music. I think Repeats is brilliant all the way through. Long time Fanatics know we have been playing Butch for years. http://www.teenbeatrecords.com/

05. Vieux Farka Touré – Fafa / Fondo

From Vieux’s brand new album called Fondo. I have been sitting on this one for weeks. The label sent it to me quite awhile ago but told me not to play anything until its release date, so I waited. I saw Vieux perform earlier this year at the Desert Festival in Mali. Rockin’!

06. John Coltrane – Impressions / Complete ‘61 Village Vanguard Recordings

Recorded 11-03-61. From the all killer, no filler Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings 4 CD box set on Impulse. You have John Coltrane on Tenor sax, Eric Dolphy on alto sax, Jimmy Garrison on bass, Elvin Jones on drums and McCoy Tyner on piano. Just to think that two major Jazz gods John Coltrane and Eric Dolphy shared the same stage is barely believable but thankfully it happened and there’s a lot of recorded evidence left behind. The “Classic Quartet” of Coltrane, Garrison, Tyner and Jones is one of the most amazing units in the history of music. Add Dolphy and you have ULTIMATE music! Besides this track showing how amazing this band cooked live, check out Elvin Jones! What a monster! I can see him now, completely soaked through his suit and tie, battering away. Listen to how Jones invents, re-invents and explores as Coltrane mutates almost breath-to-breath. This is, to me, some of the greatest moments of recorded music. Check out the easily accessed video of the band’s 1961 Baden-Baden Germany television performance of this tune. Coltrane and Dolphy together! INSANE!


There have been books written about Coltrane but not enough can be said about the other members of the Quartet. Elvin Jones was well over six feet tall, all muscle and articulation. One of the greatest bands EVER.

07. Beauty Pill - The Cigarette Girl From The Future / title same

Not the easiest CD to locate these days. Worth checking out. From the Dischord.com bands page:

Beauty Pill began playing together as a trio in 1999-formed by Smart Went Crazy survivors Chad Clark and Abram Goodrich and their good friend Joanne Gholl. They released their first EP, The Cigarette Girl From the Future, as a split venture between Dischord Records and Desoto Records in 2001. After the release of the EP the band was joined by Ryan Nelson (ex-Most Secret Method) and began the transformation from studio entity to a functioning live band. In the next year both Joanne and Abram parted ways amicably, and Chad and Ryan were joined by Basla Andolsun (Del Cielo), Drew Doucette (ex-Druids) and Rachel Burke. Beauty Pill recorded and released the EP You Are Right To Be Afraid on Dischord with their new line up in the spring of 2003. The Unsustainable Lifestyle, their first full length release, came out in March 2004. The album features appearances by members past and present as well as contributions from Devin Ocampo (Faraquet, Smart Went Crazy), Chris Farrell (The Sorts, Hoover), Joe Wong, and Sahba Sizdahkhani.

Such a great, innovative band. If you like this track, check out all of their stuff as well as all the Smart Went Crazy stuff as well. http://www.dischord.com/band/beauty-pill. Love this band.

08. Omar Souleyman - Lansob Sherek (I Will Make A Trap) / Dabke 2020

From Souleyman’s new album Dabke 2020, the follow up to Highway To Hassake  Omar is from Syria and is played with fair frequency on our show. What’s better than an Omar Souleyman album? Two Omar Souleyman albums! Both can be found on the killer Sublime Frequencies label.

09. The Buzzcocks - Noise Annoys / Singles Going Steady 

One of the many, many great Buzzcocks songs. This single was released in the summer of 1978 as a b-side with Love You More on the flip. Perfect music.

10. The Clash - Remote Control / The Clash

From the first Clash album. One of my favorite albums and one of my favorite Clash songs.

11. One Last Wish – Hide / 1986               

From my book Fanatic! Vol. 2: I am so glad they finally decided to put this one out. The band played a handful of shows in 1986 and I saw their first show in late summer of that year. They recorded in November of that year and broke up. I don’t think they played many shows. The tape sat unreleased for years. Finally, it was released as a CD called 1986 and it’s in print right now from the friendly folks at Dischord. Here’s the band info address: http://www.dischord.com/bands/onelastwish.shtml.

12. 2nd Layer - Definition of Honour / World of Rubber

A side project of Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey  of The Sound. Recently re-issued on CD for us all. The vinyl is not all that easy to track down. Borland killed himself in 1999. http://www.brittleheaven.com.

13. Frohliche Eiszeit - Die Welt Ist Die Mehrheit / Schau Hor Main Herz Ist Rhein

Great minimalist synth music from Germany, early 80’s. This is from a compilation tape that I downloaded from Mutant Sounds called Schau Hor Main Herz Ist Rhein. I have not been able to find out much information about the band. There was a compilation album of some of their material but it was released in an edition of 300 and of course, I was a little late for that. So for now, thankfully we have Mutant Sounds where you can get hours and hours of rare and interesting music.

14. Einsturzende Neubauten - Tanz Debil / Kollaps

From the band’s first full length LP Kollaps released in 1981. This is the Berlin based “industrial band” that featured Blixa Bargeld who was also a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds until only a few years ago. This is the band at them minimalist best. If you like this album, you should also check out their 2nd album Drawings Of Outpatient O.T.

15. Manifesto - E Dub / Manifesto

Michael Hampton – SOA, Faith, Embrace, One Last Wish, Bert Queiroz – Untouchables, Youth Brigade, Ivor Hanson – SOA, Faith. Hard to find their records but worth it if you do. Cool, smart indie pop music from some of my old pals from DC. We have not played this band for a long time!

16. Fake Shark Real Zombie - Avril Kadaver / new album

I think this album comes out later this year. Cool rippin’ band from Canada. They kindly sent me a file of this so we could play it on our show.

17. Stooges - No Fun / Stooges

From the 1st Stooges album. A classic. Recently remastered with alternate mixes. Produced by John Cale, a fantastic album.

18. Doctor Mix And The Remix - No Fun (single A side mix) / Wall Of Noise

From the ashes of Metal Urbain, you get Doctor Mix And The Remix, a band dedicated to doing electro covers of cool songs. All their stuff has been re-issued on the Acute label. I got this single in the last century for a couple of bucks.

19. Devo - Time Out For Fun / Oh No! It's Devo

I reckon since we’ve been having no fun for the last several minutes, we might as well take time out for fun with DEVO.

20. Black Sabbath - Never Say Die / Never Say Die!

An overlooked Sabbath track. Always liberating to play Sabbath on The K. I think this was the last Sabbath album with Ozzy.

21. Hot, Cold Sweat - Meet Me At The Go Go / 12” circa 1982   

I don’t know if the Double B will get to this track tonight, it’s an option for the man. If he does, good, if not, we’ll get to it soon.