KCRW Broadcast 795

Fanatic! As I’m writing to you, the temperature is going further and further up to eventually climb into the mid 90s. Something to look forward to.

I think I told you about these records a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to remind you again.

There’s a new Osees album called SORCS 80. Of course there’s a new Osees album. It’s a great one too. We’ll be starting tracks as soon as it’s released in August.


Also, the new Dion Lunadon record, Memory Burn, is really good. We’ll start tracks in July.


The new Jack Name album Fabulous Soundtracks is really cool and interesting.


There are a lot of great records coming out this year. I don’t know if you would find this interesting but there’s a 2LP version of King Crimson’s USA album that just came out. That’s the first Crimson album I ever heard. I’ve been a fan ever since. Hopefully my copy arrives next week. I listened to Robert Fripp’s approved version of Earthbound a few weeks ago, so great. Fripp’s been putting out some really full-on reissues and box sets of King Crimson over the last few years. Last year, I conquered the 24 CD Road To Red box set. I did a CD a day. I have the 19 CD On Off The Road: 1981-1984 waiting to go. I really like the Adrian Belew era of King Crimson, especially the third album, Three Of A Perfect Pair.

Before the summer’s over, I’ll try to get some King Crimson music into the show. It’s perfect warm-to-hot weather music. 

Tonight’s show survived the treadmill test. I try to take all the tracks to the gym and listen to them in running order as the last draft. I think we’ve got a good one for you tonight.

Thank you so much for tuning in when you can. We’ve been on KCRW since 2009, it’s amazing.

Have a great weekend, stay hydrated and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry


Hour 1

  1. Charles M. Bogert - Chorus of Barking Treefrogs / Sounds of North American Frogs
  2. Queen - Stone Cold Crazy / Sheer Heart Attack
  3. Wire - Outdoor Miner / Chairs Missing
  4. Billy Strange - James Bond Theme / Mission Accomplished: Themes For Spies & Cops
  5. Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice / These Boots
  6. Continuals - No One Knows I Left / Continuals
  7. Coyle & Sharpe - Rob A Bank / The Insane But Hilarious World Of
  8. Air Miami - Afternoon Train / Me. Me. Me.
  9. Bermuda Squares - Outsider / Outsider
  10. Kip Tyler & The Flips - Jungle Hop / Born Bad: Volume 03
  11. Tube Alloys - About Time / Magnetic Point
  12. The Fall - Cab It Up! / Beggar B-Sides
  13. Bed Maker - Two Captains / Bed Maker
  14. Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Corners Pressed / IV
  15. Memo PST - Platform Damage / Memo PST
  16. Parsnip - Unearthing / Behold
  17. These Immortal Souls - Some Velvet Morning (live) / Extra     
  18. Devo - Dogs Of Democracy / Art Devo 1973-1977
  19. Gee Tee - Bedrock / Prehistoric Chrome
  20. WWW - Cybergang / Mundo Virtual
  21. Primo - A City Stair / Amici
  22. The Misfits - Vampira / 12 Hits From Hell
  23. ORB - Morph / Tailem Bend


Hour 2

  1. The Saints - Demolition Girl / (I'm) Stranded(CD extra track)
  2. The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog / The Stooges
  3. Program - Another Day / Show Me
  4. Cramps - Jungle Hop / Psychedelic Jungle
  5. Cromosoma - Fuera Plutón / Cromosoma
  6. Control Top - Betrayed / Covert Contracts
  7. Liz Lamere - Vibration / One Never Knows
  8. Alan Vega - Chains / Insurrection
  9. Checkpoint - Break / Drift
  10. Escape-Ism - The Rebel Outlaw / Bandcamp dl
  11. Silicon Heartbeat - Set Your House On Fire / Silicon Heartbeat EP
  12. Girl Friday - Amber's Knees: A Matter of Concern / Androgynous Mary
  13. Joy Viver - Advice / Joy Viver
  14. Võ Tuấn Minh - I Long to Return to My Hometown / War Is a Wound, Peace Is a Scar
  15. Autobahns- Loss Of The Rights / Loss Of The Rights
  16. Möney - Out Of Control / Punk Demo
  17. The Scientists - You Only Live Twice / When Worlds Collide
  18. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds - The Smoke Is The Ghost / That Delicious Vice