KCRW Broadcast 144


What a week. Finally. We have arrived at our meeting place, Saturday night, on the radio all together at 89.9 FM KCRW. As always, great to be back with you. Tonight, what can I say, it’s another collection of relentless brilliance. I have been listening down to all of these tracks this week and I think we are really onto something here!
 Brand new The Mark Of Cain track from their forthcoming new album. I got a file of the tracks sent to me and we were cleared for airplay. Sounds good to me. I was told that on one of my few days off on next year’s tour, I will be in one of their videos when I am in their native Australia. We roll out another new Fall track as well. I looked it up and it seems that the album is available in the UK but I am not seeing a listing for its domestic release as yet. Tonight, more Melt-Banana greatness from their mind blowing Charlie album.
 It took me awhile but I finally found my Rubén González record. I wish I had it at the ready for our Cuban-flavored show two weeks ago. Amazing musician. I got to see him play in 1997 while in London.
Cartwheels To The Record Store Dept.: Two great records out that I wanted to bring to your attention. First is the new Miles Davis 3CD/DVD set called Live In Europe 1967: The Bootleg Series Vol. 1. This is the Shorter/Hancock/Williams/Carter line up. Not up for debate—one of the most powerful groupings of musicians ever assembled. You get multiple live takes of one of my favorite Wayne Shorter compositions, Footprints. His solo version can be found on his Adam’s Apple album on Blue Note and a later version on the Miles Davis album Miles Smiles. This is a great addition to the Miles Davis catalog and the fact that there is a “Vol. 1” at the end of the title, well, that just gives us more to look forward to. The other monster release is the Can's 40the Anniversary Tago Mago 2CD remaster. First off, what an album. With the new version, you get an additional live disc with Mushroom, Spoon and Halleluwah all recorded in 1972.
 I am sure you noticed that we are playing a track from each release tonight. I hope you dig the music. The Can track is very long, very involved and quite incredible.
Fanatics, it’s a nonstop cavalcade of hits. A cornucopia of delights. All for you.
 Never forget that the true Heavyweight Champion of Rock is Iggy Pop and STAY FANATIC!!!

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01. Le Butcherette – Bang! / Sin Sin Sin
02. Comets On Fire - All I Need / Comets On Fire
03. Karthala 72 - In The Heart Of The Fire / Electric Cowbell Fall 2011
04. The Mark Of Cain – Barkhammer / Songs Of The Third And Fifth
05. David Bowie - Look Back in Anger / Lodger
06. Sinn Sisamouth - Seems Like I Know That Face / Cambodian Rocks Vol. 1
07. The Fall – Cosmos / Ersatz GB
08. Alan Vega - The Kiss / Dujang Prang
09. Melt-Banana - Drug Store / Charlie
10. Scientist - Straight Left / Heavy Weight Dub Champion
11. Miles Davis – Agitation / The Miles Davis Quintet Live In Europe 1967
12. The Kiss Offs - Bottle Blonde / Goodbye Private Life
13. Tom Waits - Hang On St. Christopher / Frank’s Wild Years
14. Dax Riggs - Tomorrow We Jump / Velvet Songs For Golden Skulls
15. Electric Wizard - Son Of Nothing / Come My Fanatics
16. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
17. Rubén González - Como Siento Yo / Introducing...Rubén González
18. Tilly & The Wall – Urgency / Bottoms Of Barrels
19. Can – Aumgn / Tago Mago
20. The Ramones - Time Bomb / Subterranean Jungle
21. The Birthday Party - The Dim Locator / Junkyard
22. Elizabeth Johnson - Sobbin' Woman Blues / American Primitive, Vol. II
23. Einstürzende Neubauten – Sehnsucht / Halber Mensch
24. The Minutemen - Black Sheep / Joy EP