KCRW Broadcast 147


Just so you know, this set was specifically engineered and put together with great care in order to bring you the maximum enjoyment as we gather together live for the first time this year.
2012 promises to be interesting to say the least and we will be doing our level best to keep you motivated and buoyant through a year which will no doubt be regarded as “one for the books.” You Betcha!
Tonight we are live in the Jasonic Temple, this would be 89.9 FM KCRW—the station that Jason Bentley built.
Jasonically speaking, to borrow and mangle a phrase, I would like you to leave this paragraph momentarily and look below at what lies in store for you. When you’re done, come back up here, I’ll wait. Nice, right? This is a great way to start our 2012.
We have new Buck Gooter! The band’s first LP! Here’s where to get info: http://buckgooter.tk/. Not many were pressed, you might want to check this out soon.
While you’re there, you might want to check out the massive Fugazi Live Series part of the site: http://www.dischord.com/fugazi_live_series. Totally amazing. Years in the making and still an ongoing project. I spoke to Ian MacKaye about it last week and he says that there hundreds more shows that will be added and more coming in. I was rocking the 09-03-87 Wilson Center set the other night—so great! One of the best live bands ever.
Tonight, we get a double dose of Kelly Halliburton. We will listen to his band P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. as well as another band he is called Pieced Arrows. I was lucky enough to see them about five times a few weeks ago. Excellent band. Kelly sent us MP3’s for use in our show as the Make It Through The Night is LP only. http://www.piercedarrows.com/.
Also, new Soccer Team on Dischord. It’s a three song 7” on Lovitt that comes with a download card. Hopefully this could mean that there will be a Soccer Team album later this year. I have no information on that but you never know. You can go here for more info: http://www.dischord.com/. My own opinion here, there is not one bad Soccer Team song and if this EP is any indication of what a new batch of tunes from them would sound like, count me at the front of the line!
I don’t think we have ever played this Stooges outtake before, it’s from the Fun House sessions box set. That’s an interesting release. I have spent a lot of time with it but that was years ago, perhaps I will have a chance in the upcoming weeks to get back into it.
New Evens! A great two song single at Dischord right now. Hopefully, an album later this year. I have heard a lot of the new songs and they are excellent. Another great year for Dischord. Also, new Liar of the Minotaur and another cut from the Night Sun album by VUM. http://vummusic.bandcamp.com/album/night-sun
As some of you Fanatics know, I am leaving for tour soon and the next few shows are pre-taped. To make it more fun, Engineer X, The Young Will Bentley and I all got together to do them. This was Will’s idea. The shows go a lot better with the three of us. Ultimate, however is being with you live on the radio of course but the road calls. A lot of work went into the making of all the shows, song selection, etc. Please listen if you can.
Ok, enough of me and my flying fingers. This show is all about the music. Listen in an open-eared frame of mind and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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01. Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll / The Song Remains The Same
02. Misfits - Some Kinda Hate / Static Age
03. Frank Zappa - Lemme Take You To The Beach / Läther
04. Jay Reatard - Waiting For Something / Blood Visions
05. Dr. Alimantado - I Killed The Barber / Best Dressed Chicken In Town
06. Alan Vega - Video Babe / Saturn Strip
07. The Fall - Cheetham Hill / The Light User Syndrome
08. Honest Marquee - Diamond / Charm
19. Cinderella Motel - Clearance Valentine / Automatic Pleasure
10. Buck Gooter - Skunks Are Cool / Consider The Grackles
11. Birthday Party - Zoo Music Girl / Prayers on Fire
12. Devo - Find Out / Oh No! It's Devo
13. Stooges - Lost In The Future Take 3 / Fun House Sessions
14. Soccer Team - Letter To Saint Thomas Aquinas / 3 Song 7"
15. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - D.U.M.B. / Make It Through The Night
16. The Evens - Timothy Wright / 2-song Single
17. Lair Of The Minotaur - Metal Titans / Evil Power
18. Vum - Savage  Night / Sun
19. Kas Product - Tape / By Pass
20. Pure Hell - Thrillers of Oz / Noise Addiction
21. J. Mascis - Too Deep / Several Shades of Why
22. Joy Division - Disorder / Unknown Pleasures
23. LL Cool J - Going Back To Cali / Less Than Zero Soundtrack
24. The Bangers - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box / Lux and Ivy's Favorites Vol. 11
25. Brigitte Fontaine - Tanka II / Comme A La Radio
26. Manu Chao - Siberia / La Radiolina
27. Pierced Arrows - Frankenstein / Straight To The Heart
28. David Lynch – So Glad / Crazy Clown Time
29. Ruts - Black Man's Pinch / Peel Sessions
30. Tovah Olson - Track 02 / Waves And I Don't Get Along
31. Frank Sinatra - When You're Smiling / Sinatra's Swingin' Session! )