KCRW Broadcast 157


I am writing you from what's left of a night off in Washington DC. I had a good day driving around town with Ian MacKaye. A few hours ago, we drove by the house where Minor Threat played their first show.

Saturday night's show is pre-taped. That being said, we have done our best to make it as good as we can. I think we have succeeded. Due to the fact that I am in Pittsburgh while the show is playing on the Mighty KCRW and seeing how the Warhol Museum is putting on the show, I thought it best to start and end the show with Warhol references.

I am glad we have some Cramps in the set. Ian and I drove by the old Ontario Theater earlier today. That's where we saw The Clash, Gang Of Four, Buzzcocks, Damned and the Cramps. Whenever I am here, I always think of them and miss the fact that Lux is gone.

If you check out our wonderful playlist, I think you will see that you are in for a very good two hours of your life. I do hope you enjoy it.

New Album Alert Dept.: Get ready for a great album by J Mascis and friends. Many years ago, J was part of a trio jam unit called Heavy Blanket. They never recorded the songs they wrote in 1984. Last winter, they got together and laid them down. I have heard the record and it's six slices of brain damaging, guitar drenched instrumentals. Looks like it's coming out in early May. I am trying to secure some tracks for airplay. I will let you know what I come up with.

Remember that on April 7, Ian MacKaye is live in the studio with us. It should be a great night of music and conversation. Listen to the jams tonight and STAY FANATIC!!!



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01. David Bowie - Andy Warhol / Hunky Dory
02. Them - I Can Only Give You Everything / Nuggets II
03. Moebius & Plank - Feedback 66 / Rastakraut Pasta
04. Artificial Peace - Dead End / Complete Session November 81
05. The Velvet Underground - There She Goes Again (mono) / The VU & Nico
06. Herbie Nichols - Cro-Magnon Nights / Complete Blue Note Recordings (Vol. 1)
07. Big Star - Till The End Of The Day / Third/Sister Lovers
08. The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time / Nuggets
09. Root Beer Barrels - Primevil Luv / Soft Hard Rock
10. Omar Souleyman - Kell Il Banat Inkhatban (All The Girls Are Engaged) / Jazeera Nights: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria
11. Saint Vitus - One Mind / Die Healing
12. Hott Beat - Pants Will Make You Smarter / A Hott Mess
13. Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum? (Not Beans Again!) / Songs For Sensible People
14. Serra - Hold / La Sera
15. Karp - Handsome Traveler / Mustaches Wild
16. Dead Moon - Demona / Strange Pray Tell
17. Veena Sahasrabuddhe - Mahakaali Dhyyana Mantra / Kaali
18. The Ramones - Chain Saw / Ramones
19. The Saints - Orstralia / Eternally Yours
20. Dwight Pullen - Sunglasses After Dark / Rockin' Bones: 1950s Punk & Rockabilly
21. Cramps - Sunglasses After Dark / Songs the Lord Taught Us
22. Rob - Loose Up Yourself / Funky Rob Way
23. Dubs - Could This Be Magic / The Doo Wop Box II (1957-1960)
24. Wire - Ex Lion Tamer / Pink Flag
25. Dillinger - King of the Road / Bionic Dread
26. Cigarettes- Frivolous Disguises / Will Damage Your Health!
27. Melt-Banana - SURFIN' USA / MXBX 1998: 13,000 Miles At Light Velocity
28. Metal Boys - Be Bop Dee Zee Bop / Tokio Airport
29. Motörhead - No Class / All The Aces: Best Of
30. Gun Club - Humanesque / Pastoral Hide & Seek
31. Shonen Knife - Goose Step Mama / Rutles Highway Revisited - A Tribute to the Rutles
32. Kraftwerk- Die Stimme Der Energie / Radio-Aktivität
33. Lou Reed - Vicious / Transformer