KCRW Broadcast 172


I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Tonight, again, we have put together two hours of music that works well on ever level. I have played all the songs through three times now and it’s really working for me. You know, I always say that but these shows often go through several drafts before they are done. Tonight’s show went through quite an evolution to get it to where it is now. We’re not just hurling music at the wall with this show!
In our first hour, we will take on that which is somewhat familiar and good to the ear. We have a nice Washington DC based segment in the middle and we finish with new Ruts DC and some other great tracks.
Our second hour gets a little more ambitious. The long awaited Can box set of unreleased tracks has been unleashed, so I figured we should get into that immediately and so, we do. I wanted to keep us moving along yet giving our ears a stretch, so you will different strains of music all the way to the end of the night.
I really like that ESP-era of Albert Ayler and listen to all those albums every summer. I thought it would be a perfect listen for tonight. The Fall track is one of my favorites, the Beggars B-Side collection is a great one.
The Fall is a great band for b-sides in the their Beggars Banquet days, they recorded a ton of them and it is a very worthwhile Fall set to check out.
The Braxton/ Teitelbaum we will close our show with will not be in full. Basically, we will listen to it until we run out of time. I have been wanting to play this one for you for weeks now.
Be careful out there and STAY FANATIC!!! 


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Hour 1
01. Birthday Party - Sonny's Burning / Bad Seed EP
02. Sort Sol - Abyss / Dagger & Guitar
03. The Weirdos - Helium Bar / Weird World Vol. 1
04. Public Enemy - Vidiot / Beats & Places
05. The Ramones - Time Bomb / Subterranean Jungle
06. The Minutemen - I Felt Like A Gringo / Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat
07. Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside / Rites Of Spring
08. Rain - Snakeout / La Vache Qui Rit
09. The Warmers - Walking Solves It / The Warmers
10. Minor Threat - Seeing Red / Complete Discography
11. Black Eyes - Pack of Wolves / Black Eyes
12. Soccer Team - So You Like It Vague, Huh? / Soccer Team
13. Antelope - Collective Dream / Reflector
14. The Gun Club - Nobody’s City / single
15. Ruts DC - One Step / Sampler
16. Einstürzende Neubauten - Sehnsucht (Zitternd) / Halber Mensch
17. Empire - Safety / Expensive Sound
18. Hi Liters - Undecided / Celeste Records
Hour 2
01. Can - Midnight Men / The Lost Tapes
02. Yellow Swans - Echo / Ded Yellow Swans
03. Arditti String Quartet - 4th Movement / Arditti
04. Saturn Finger - Dream From The River / Saturn Finger
05. Albert Ayler - Prophet / Spirits Rejoice
06. The Fall - Sleep Debt Snatches / Beggar B-Sides
07. The Germs - We Must Bleed / Germs Complete
08. Taam Ming - Music for Ghosts - Trapeang Pay / Music of Cambodia
09. Wolf Eyes - Rich And Healthy / Wolf Eyes
10. Anthony Braxton & Richard Teitelbaum - Behemoth Dreams / Time Zones