KCRW Broadcast 19

Fanatics!!! Are you kidding?! Are we rockin’ or what!!! So great to be back with you all live. I hope you enjoyed last week’s freedom show. Tonight, I figured that we should get this Jihad started right and clear out the cobwebs with some top-shelf Rock. Playing Kiss on The K is a very good thing, probably doesn’t happen all that often. I can’t remember the last time The Bear played anything of theirs so I figured it was time. Finally, we get to the new Iggy Pop album, Préliminaires. I’m liking it! I like it when Iggy makes smart records.

Fanatics, some of you were at the Vieux Farka Touré show at the Troubadour last Tuesday night, right? Blazing or what?! I saw Vieux earlier in the year in Mali and he was great but he really ripped it the other night. His band had a different drummer than last time and he made a ton of difference. Vieux’s vocals were amazing as was his playing. Can’t wait to see him and his band jam again. Another track from Hot Buttered Soul, so great. The A-side of that album—all two songs of it, are as good as it gets in my opinion. Weeks ago, a Fanatic wrote in and told me I should check out Fat Worm Of Error and I did. Good stuff, check the track tonight, very interesting. I cannot remember how I was lead to Tilly & The Wall. Perhaps I heard an interview with them or heard a track online but I got their Bottoms Of Barrels album and think it’s pretty cool. One of tonight’s coolest cuts is from Staff Benda Bilili. I wish I could take the collar for this one but it was an Engineer X tip. He suggested I check them out and after he described them to me, I just went out and got the album without hearing it first as Engineer X always gets it right. What a record! Check this on out in its entirety when you can.

All in all, I think we have ourselves quite a show here. Thanks to all the great audiences I had in Europe and in Austin TX at my recent shows. Thanks for checking out the show tonight and I must say, when people at the grocery store or wherever else tell me how much they dig the show, it means a lot.

I am still kinda coming down from those Dinosaur Jr. shows. I want to find them on tour and check them out at least a couple more shows this year weeks ago. Two nights wasn’t enough. I have a great one for you next week and we will be live so please tune in if you can and until then, STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

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01. Kiss - Detroit Rock City / Best Of
02. Ted Nugent - Turn It Up / Free For All
03. Cheap Trick - He's A Whore / Cheap Trick
04. The Saints – This Perfect Day (single version) / All Through Paradise
05. Johnny Dollar - Rockin' Bones / Mr. Action Packed
06. The Cramps - Rockin' Bones / bootleg
07. Iggy Pop - Les Feuilles Mortes / Préliminaires
08. Metal Urbain - Pop Poubelle / Anarchy In Paris!
09. Vieux Farka Touré - Chérie Lé / Fondo
10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Moon Is In The Gutter / single
11. Cotton Candy - Fantastic & Spectacular / single
12. The Velvet Underground - I Heard Call My Name / White Light/ White Heat
13. Nico - Saeta / The Drama Of Exile (CD extra track)
14. The Reatards - Looking For Danger / Bedroom Disasters
15. Isaac Hayes - Walk On By / Hot Buttered Soul
16. The Damned - Neat Neat Neat / Peel Session
17. The Fall - This Perfect Day / Complete Peel Sessions
18. Fat Worm Of Error - Laissez-Faire Is For The Birds / Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies
19. Tilly & The Wall - Sing Songs Along / Bottoms Of Barrels
20. Staff Benda Bilili – Avramandole / Très Très Fort
21. Monty Python – String / Contractual Obligation Album
22. Sun Ra - Solar Drums / Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow
23. Ramones - Rock and Roll High school (Ed Stasium version) / Road to Ruin
24. Andrew Hill – Pain / Change