KCRW Broadcast 190


I am in Chicago tonight. I figured it would be worthwhile to address that for at least a few songs. For a good part of our first hour, we will do just that. After our Chicago Jam Session, you will notice that we have a track from the new VUM single. I happy that the band is making more music and even though to me, they are a warm weather listen, I don't think we will be having any of that for awhile and I didn't want to let this excellent song sit all winter long. Here is a site address that will give you more information: http://vummusic.bandcamp.com/

Tonight's Prince track is one of my favorites of his. I don't know much about his catalog. "Scarlet Pussy" is a b-side off the I Wish You Heaven single. I think I bought it as a CD 3" in Germany many years ago. I don't think we play much Prince on our show. I always thought the Lovesexy and Black Album were excellent.

In our second hour, I thought it would be good to jump around quite a bit genre wise and have some colder weather enjoyment. I know I always play Airwaves Dream by the Buzzcocks and then a Joy Division song but they always go so well together.

You will notice the Huun-Huur-Tu track from their album Ancestors Call. Engineer X found this one and brought it to my attention. I borrowed his and upon listening, immediately got a copy for myself. It came out in October of last year. I don't know how they got this one past me but besides their Live in Moscow double CD set, I think this is my favorite album of theirs. I am sorry I don't have more information about our "Russian" track. This was given to me a few years ago, just a CDR with writing I can't read. So, I don't know who it is but it sounds good to me.

I thought I would put another Magic Carpathians Project track into the mix for you. I don't know much about them but they are very interesting, what little I have heard so far.

I have been on the road for most of this year and so, a lot of our shows are pre-taped. I know they are not nearly as fun as when we are all together live, so thanks for putting up with what we bring you each week. We try to make the music extremely happening in an effort to perhaps keep you from burning out on the show. We have SO much more to roll out for you.

When I tell you that we're only just getting warmed up, I really mean it. Fanatic. We have a lot of listening to do! Since we only have the two hours together each week, it's a bit of a marathon that we are looking at but it will be a great one and worth sticking around for.

Many of you LA-area Fanatics are by now, aware that Morrissey canceled his show for the 24th of this month at the Staples Center. The cancellation would have been as much of a non-event to me as the show itself had Morrissey not had the Stooges on the bill. So, since Morrissey canceled, there will be no Stooges. The least Morrissey could do is to put his production into the venue, fire it up so the Stooges could play. When I found out that there would be no Stooges set, I was gutted. So, in order to keep the party rolling, next week's show will be Stooges heavy. By having the Stooges open for him, Morrissey could have been “that close” to true greatness. Morrissey blew it!!!

Tonight's show is a great all the way through, I hope you dig it! Prepare for next week's Stooges fest and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. The Fall - Chicago Now / Complete Peel Sessions
02. ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago / Tres Hombres
03. Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Theme De Celine / 1969-1970
04. Weird War - Chicago Charlemagne / Weird War 2:35
05. Hawkwind - Master of the Universe / 1999 Party (03-21-74 Chicago)
06. Link Wray - Streets Of Chicago / Missing Links Vol. 4
07. Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago / Complete Recordings
08. Robert Pete Williams - Bye, Bye Baby / Long Ol' Way From Home - The Chicago Sessions
09. VUM - Laura Palmer / single
10. Prince - Scarlet Pussy / I Wish U Heaven Part 1.2.3.
11. DEVO - Mecha Mania Boy / New Traditionalists
12. PJ Harvey – Harder / Send His Love To Me


Hour 2

01. Thee Oh Sees - Lupine Dominus / Putrifiers II
02. Deerhoof - Bad Kids To The Front / Breakup Song
03. Blonde Redhead – Oslo / Penny Sparkle
04. The Buzzcocks - Airwaves Dream / Singles Going Steady
05. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
06. Birthday Party - Pleasure Avalanche / Mutiny EP
07. David Bowie - The Secret Life of Arabia / Low
08. Captain Beefheart - Hot Head / Doc At the Radar Station
09. James Carr - You've Got My Mind Messed Up / The Essential
10. CAN - E.F.S. 108 / The Lost Tapes
11. Huun-Huur-Tu - Mazhalyk-Ta / Ancestors Call
12. Russians? - Title? / title?
13. Magic Carpathians Project - Matka Fok / Denega
14. Kawabata Makoto - Super Station (Nishinon) / Private Tapes Vol. 03