KCRW Broadcast 206

Fanatics! The snow is melting and soon, the heat will be here. I think we should enjoy this transitional time because soon enough the subtle gentleness of what Southern California calls spring, will be gone.

Tonight, is two hours of sonic high grouping. Some familiar and perhaps the majority new to your ears or at least somewhat exploratory. If you look down at our play list for tonight, you will see many bands and artists who we have never featured on our show before. Nine for sure.

Resonance Records has yet again pulled more great music from the mists of time with

Tommy Flanagan/Jaki Byard: The Magic of 2. Live recordings from Keystone Korner in San Francisco set to drop on April 9th. For more information: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/2/prweb10441331.htm

Amazon.com site info: http://www.amazon.com/The-Magic-Two-Tommy-Flanagan/dp/B00BG4CTPS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362697390&sr=8-1&keywords=flanagan+byard

One of them is Arctic Sleep from Chicago and Milwaukee. I found them online several days ago and took a listen. I liked what I heard so I bought their records and contacted them. Looking forward to getting into these records more as soon as I can. For now, we start our second hour with a track from their new album, Arbors. http://arcticsleep.com/

Bobby Rogers of the Miracles has passed away, so we will listen to a great track by them.

If you read my latest piece in the LA Weekly, you might recall I wrote about John Coltrane and the last days of the “Classic Quartet” he had before he changed his line up. I have been spending no short amount of time thinking about the direction he took after parting ways with pianist McCoy Tyner and drummer extraordinaire Elvin Jones. The piece we play tonight, Transition, shows just how amazingly powerful this band was. At some point, I want to play for you, in its entirety, the last session of the Quartet. It is some of the best material they ever recorded and it makes me wonder what would have happened had the band stayed together through the year of 1966. I am going to have to find some time to drill down on some of those later recordings of Coltrane, it’s been awhile.

Fanatics, we have been a long way down this road together and we have so much more to cover. Please prepare yourself for an unrelentingly diverse and at times, exhaustive bit of listening in 2013. You might be wondering how we are able to maintain such enthusiastic eclecticity with this show, never once allowing our abundant energy dip below ecstatic. Well, that’s who we are and how we do it.

This is going to be a great night and the best is still yet to come! Don’t eat stuff off the sidewalk and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. Suicide - Ghost Rider / Suicide

02. The Birthday Party - Kiss Me Black / Junkyard

03. Pumice - Ready To Rot / Puny

04. Strië - Rapid Eye Movement / Õhtul

05. Lamppukello - Kylmiä – Tavaroita / Kaahumatti Kaheskanneski, Yyjö Ite Yheskänneski

06. Brute Heart – Satellite / Lonely Hunter

07. Night Shift - Orthodox Transmitter / Trespasser’s Guide To Nowhere

08. Tommy Flanagan & Jaki Byard - Satin Doll / The Magic Of 2

09. Agitated Radio Pilot - Innumerable Night / Gold Leaf Branches

10. Pigeons - Lil Deb's Debris - Liaisons

11. Keijo Virtanen & Tiitus Petäjäniemi - Kierre / Katovalo Sammuu Kohdollaru

12. Steven R. Smith - Certain Things Last – Lineaments


Hour 2

01. Arctic Sleep - Black Moth / Arbors

02. The Miracles - Bad Girl / The Doo Wop Box II

03. Michael Finnissy - The Seeds Of Love / Piano English Country-Tunes

04. John Coltrane Quartet - Transition/ Transition

05. Clara Ward - When We All Get To Heaven / Precious Memories: Ladies Of Gospel

06. Behemoth – XUL / Demigod