KCRW Broadcast 22

Fanatics! What a week. The Hollywood Bowl show last Sunday was really cool. I didn’t know what to expect with Grace Jones. I am not at all familiar with her music but she was strong. Her guitar player had some serious tone. I think my favorite band of the night was the opener, Dengue Fever. Looking forward to seeing them again. Tonight, it’s a great mix of music from all over the record store, the internets and kind donations. It’s been awhile since we brought in Karp to play, so tonight’s the night. Ian turned me onto that album a few years ago. My office is in a state of temporary uproar and things have been dissappearing. I lost the address of the Fanatic who sent me those cool Zappa CD-R’s. Tonight’s Zappa track is from one of those. Fanatic, if you’re out there, please write me and thanks again for the cool jams. Inspired by DJLiztheparalyza playing Robin Trower last week I think it was, I had to answer back with some more so tonight we listen to the very awesome Bridge Of Sighs. The vocal you hear is the bass player James Dewar. Whenever I hear him sing, I get jealous. He’s one of my favorite singers ever. I think the first time I heard Trower was the Bridge album. Some skaters I knew were into him and as soon as I heard the album, I was a fan. As many of you Fanatics know, several days ago, the 14th to be exact, was the day in 1980 that Ruts vocalist Malcolm Owen passed away and tonight we listen to one of the band’s great b-sides. Tonight, we unleash a track from my tape stash, the Birthday Party track from Bremen. The show has been bootlegged many times over the years but you are hearing a copy off the original tape! Right time, right place for me. I prefer the energy of the live version of tonight’s Bootsy track over the studio version, so we’re going with it. I don’t think we have brought the Yellow Swans to the Jihad for a long time, so we’re taking care of that detail. The tone that Rev. Billy Gibbons gets on this last track is amazing, perhaps my favorite later period ZZ Top track. All in all, Fanatics, a solid mix that hopefully kept you with us for the whole show. Until next week, STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

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01. Bad Brains – I / ROIR Sessions
02. Time Zone - World Destruction (7" Version) / Single
03. Agent Orange - Everything Turns Grey / Living In Darkness
04. King Sunny Ade - Synchro System / Synchro System
05. Karp - Forget The Minions / Self Titled LP
06. Killing Joke – Complications / Killing Joke
07. Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp / Hot Rats (Original Mix)
08. De La Soul - Plug Tunin’ / 3 Feet High And Rising
09. Conrad Schnitzler - Underwater Church / Ballet Statique
10. Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs / Bridge Of Sighs
11. Blind Willie McTell, Harris & Harris - This Is Not The Stove To Brown Your Bread (Harris & Harris, Vocal) / Complete Recorded Works
12. The Fontaine Toups – TFT / The Fontaine Toups
13. Manu Chao - Rainin In Paradize / La Radiolina
14. Ivan - Real Wild Child / The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll
15. The Ruts - Give Youth A Chance / Singles Collection
16. The Mark Of Cain - The Contender / Ill At Ease
17. Birthday Party - Six Inch Gold Blade / 07-01-82 Bremen Germany
18. Intense - Kim Salmon & The Surrealists / Hit Me With The Surreal Feel
19. Bootsy - Roto-Rooter / Live In Louisville 1978
20. Curtis Mayfield - Wild And Free / Curtis
21. Art Tatum - Liza (Take A) / Classic Early Solos
22. The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You / Hits
23. Yellow Swans – Track 03 / Detention Yellow Swans
24. ZZ Top - Humbucking, Part 2 / Rhythmeen