KCRW Broadcast 221

Fanatics! I am sorry to put you through all this but here goes. Last week, you perhaps remember the show notes below. Due to an error of some kind, instead of this cool batch of tunes coming at you, you heard a show we did a few weeks ago on May 19th. Thanks for getting through that and I am sorry that there was this mishap. We heard about it from the letters you sent in and we thank you for that. As to what happened, I have no idea but at this point, it’s all behind us now.

I was thinking of starting over again on a totally new show but then I thought that the show we have here is so good, it would be a shame not to use it. I really want to get both sides of the Ty Segall EP mentioned below out to you and this would be the way to do it without butchering the show to do that.

I hope some of you got out last Sunday to see J Mascis rip it for an hour at Satellite. That was some deep J!

I am already at work on next week’s show that will feature the other half to the Ty Segall Ty Rex EP and many other thangs, so please tune in if you can. Since the below show never aired, it’s really not leftovers but I must say, we were thrown for a loss last Sunday. It happens.

We thank you for your patience and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry




Fanatics! It is radio time again! We are not live tonight for a few reasons at least. It’s Father’s Day and that actually has meaning to some people. Engineer X is one and will be celebrating all things Dadacious, so he can’t make it, also J Mascis is playing and while I have a full shoot day, yes even on a Sunday, I am going to do my best to make this show.

J Mascis / Heavy Blanket show in Los Angeles 06/19/13:http://thescenestar.typepad.com/ss/2013/05/heavy-blanket-to-headline-the-satellite.html

So, we put together this great pre-taped show that is heavy on the music, since we won’t be live to carry on idiotically as we usually do.

It’s a lot of familiar names and a few new ones. We are going to lay off the new Fall record this weekend to do something else slightly conceptual in hour 2.

As many of you Fanatics know, Ty Segall released a 12” EP of T Rex covers last year. It’s not all that easy to get a hold of one, so I thought we should play side one this week and side two next week, so we can get all six tracks checked out. Ty released a 7” of two more T Rex tracks this year for Record Store Day and that one’s much easier to find. If you look around on the internets, you can find a download of last year’s 12”. The tracks sound really cool, so I think they fit in perfectly. We finish that particular block with two more T Rex covers by Eater and Sort Sol.

I think we have a great show for you whenever you get around to listening. I know that many of you check out the show on archive, so hopefully, you will make some time to rock this two hours of jams.

Thanks for listening last week and for the Fanatic who called in and requested Dramarama, hang in there, one of these years, we just might play something by them. Probably not but keep listening anyway and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Public Image Ltd. - Low Life / First Issue
02. Killing Joke – Change / Killing Joke
03. The Mark of Cain - Walk Away / Ill At Ease
04. The Adverts - Bored Teenagers (single) / Singles
05. Broken Water - Peripheral Star / Peripheral Star
06. Sam & Dave Hold On! - I’m Comin’ / Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968
07. Heavy Blanket - Galloping Toward The Unknown / Heavy Blanket 
08. Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues / Vincebus Eruptum 
09. Track 01 - Ravi Padmanabha & Lathan Hardy / Long Island City Session 
10. The Middle Class – Situations / A Blueprint For Joy 1978-1980
11. Betty Davis - Don’t Call Her No Tramp / They Say I’m Different 
12. Dr. Alimantado - Mash It Up / If Deejay Was Your Trade 
13. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures 
14. Konono Nº1 - Kule Kule Reprise / Congotronics 
15. Just Measurers - Dinner Party / Flagellation

Hour 2
01. Raymond Scott - And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon / The Secret 7: “The Unexpected” 
02. The Truth - System Thinking / Synthetic Romance
03. Cobalt - Drink Me / Little Darla Has A Treat For You Volume 2
04. The Shadow Ring - Tuna In Brine / Patchouli and Echoes 
05. Valet – Burmajuama / Blood Is Clean
06. Doctor Mix And The Remix - No Fun / single (A side mix) 
07. Ty Segall - Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart / Ty Rex I 
08. Ty Segall - Buick Mackane / Ty Rex I
09. Ty Segall - The Slider / Ty Rex I 
10. Eater – Jeepster / Album, Singles + 
11. Sort Sol - Children Of The Revolution / The Violent Bear It Away 
12. Sein Sah Thin - Really Strange And Weird Things / Princess Nicotine 
13. Cramps - New Kind of Kick / Gravest Hits   
14. Flin Flon – Levis / 2003 Teenbeat 
15. Peter Laughner - Ain’t It Fun / Take The Guitar Player For A Ride