KCRW Broadcast 233

Fanatics! Sometimes, I have to wonder how in the hell it keeps staying so great week after week. No, really. No matter how hard we try, we cannot run out of amazing music to bring to you. We have been at this for almost a decade now, Fanatics. You would figure after that long, we would be dialing the shows in, blowing you off and growing jaded. Can’t happen. I am just too fuckin mad at everything to let it slip. That’s the bottom line, Fanatic. It is the anger that leads to the curiosity, low boredom threshold and here we are. I am even mad at how much I like doing this show. Anything you care about that much, it leaves you quite vulnerable on some levels, unassailable on others.

You remember Pure Hell, the great band from Philadelphia, tonight, we rock the single version of their song No Rules. I like it a little more than the album version, perhaps because I grew up with it. It has, to my knowledge, never been re-issued, making it somewhat obscure and perfect for our show.

Two words: Roky Erickson. What a musician. Four words: Light In The Attic. What a label. LITA has licensed three Roky titles. The Evil One, Don’t Slander Me and Gremlins Have Pictures. LITA does not mess around. They have done their usual excellent job bringing these timeless, genius albums back into the world. Perfect label for these to be on. I thought we better play a track off each, Fanatic. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!: http://lightintheattic.net/artists/501-roky-erickson

Engineer X will not be with us tonight. He is running special ops in another part of the state. It’s too bad he won’t be with us because I think he would really like this guy Hisato Higuchi. I don’t know much about him but what I have heard so far, I am really into. I got several of his records on their way here, so we will know more soon.

More new VUM! Check their site: http://vummusic.com/

Another track off that Fuzz album: http://www.intheredrecords.com/pages/FUZZ.html

HELLO! New Melt Banana! I got an e-mail from Sean C who said he got the new MB album Fetch from their press person, who is an old DC alum. I wrote him, asked him if it was possible for me to get a copy of the record, like NOW and could I lay it on you all this weekend. Minutes later, I got the files and the green light to rock. I am listening as I write this. INSANE. It’s coming out next month. There is a limited clear LP pressing. I just ordered mine.

And then, there is the second hour. 122 years ago, Lydia Lunch gave me a cassette of a session she did with the Birthday Party. It ended up becoming the Honeymoon In Red album. There are some great tracks on that one. One of them is a Rowland S Howard track called Still Burning. LL is not on the track that I can hear. It’s a classic slice of Rowland and tonight, we get into it.

Another dip into that really cool Fall 5 Albums box set awaits you a few songs later. After that, we do a block with George Clinton and family. After that, a band I have wanted to play you for awhile. It’s more of that cool Finnish strangeness. I think it’s basically, Antti Laakkonen and Jani Hirvonen, respectively of Anti and Uton. They do stuff together all the time but this is a cool version of it. I am SO in the tank with all this Finland stuff, as you know. It’s been well over a year and I am only going deeper in.

All in all, it’s a cold night for alligators but it’s a great night for Fanatics. I hope you like the show. I think the KCRW pledge drive is next week, so there won’t be a ton of songs but there will be a lot of pitching. I will take the time to work on future shows.

Never turn it down and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Pure Hell – No Rules / single
02. The Gun Club – Black Train / Fire Of Love
03. Deerhoof – Break Up Song / Break Up Songs
04. Roky Erickson – I Think of Demons / The Evil One
05. Roky Erickson – Bermuda / Don’t Slander Me
06. Roky Erickson – I Am / Gremlins Have Pictures
07. Alan Vega – Faster Blaster / Deuce Avenue
08. Hisato Higuchi - Aida / Mudai
09. Uton –  Track 1 / Say Hello To The Butterflies
10. Patty Waters – Moon Don’t Come Up Tonight / Patty Waters Sings
11. Meat Puppets – Split Myself In Two / Meat Puppets II
12. Fuzz – Raise – 223 / Fuzz
13. VUM – The Loss of Hypatia / Psychotropic Jukebox
14. Bevis Frond – Splendid Isolation / Miasma
15. Rites Of Spring – Hidden Wheel / EP
16. Melt Banana – The Hive / Fetch

Hour 2
01. Rowland S Howard – Still Burning / Honeymoon In Red
02. The Very Things – The Gong Man /  It’s A Drug It’s A Ha Ha Ha, It’s A Trojan Horse Coming Out Of The Wall
03. The Mallard – A Form Of Mercy / Finding Meaning In Deference
04. The Fall - Win Fall C.D. 2080 (LP version) / I Am Curious Oranj
05. George Clinton – Atomic Dog / single
06. Eddie Hazel – So Goes The Story / Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs
07. Parlet – Watch Me Do My Thing / Play Me Or Trade Me
08. Funkadelic – Whole Lot of BS / Maggot Brain
09. Hunton Quintet – Afghan / Rugcode Reader
10. Dum Dum Dum - Dum Dum Dum / Messthetics Vol. 08
11. Doxa Sinastra – I-dopa / Via Del Latte
12. The Nugrape Twins - I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape / American Primitive Vol. II
13. Buzzcocks – Time’s Up / Time’s Up