KCRW Broadcast 303

Fanatic! I hope this brief letter finds you at your very best. It is yet another two hours of excellent music. Not so much about the skill and care of those who gather the tunes for you as much as a testament to just how much available good music exists. That is to say, we have a lot of listening to do, Fanatic!

Tonight’s show features the great Donny Benet, which I know I have been wearing you out about. I think there is a great amount of perfectly delivered humor in the man’s approach. If you get a chance, please check out the video for the song we will play. It’s here:

Thanks to Denise for sending the J Mascis single. It fits perfectly into the show.

More Arndales and more Devo tonight. I am loving this Miracle Witness Hour release. Sounds good on CD but really hits it on LP. I am so happy about this release. Also, there is another DEVO thing coming out in February called Hardcore Live! It’s CD and DVD. I wrote a blurb for the audio version. As soon as that’s good to go, we will get tracks on the air.

Next week we will start listening to The Lower Plenty. Great band out of Australia. Looking forward to getting this band’s music to you. Also, Engineer X came by the other day with a ton of new music and so we will capitalize on his great wealth of knowledge and throw some of that into the mix as well. Check the below listings for shows! Outstanding!

Thursday and Friday will be happening for music all over Los Angeles of course but here are some notices I thought you should be aware of

1-15-15: Chain and the Gang at the Satellite: http://www.thesatellitela.com/event/707909-chain-gang-ian-los-angeles/

1-16-15: Inger Lorre opening for the Muffs at the Satellite: http://www.thesatellitela.com/event/675511-muffs-summer-twins-inger-los-angeles/

1-16-15: Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds at the Echo: http://www.theecho.com/event/731367-kid-congo-pink-monkey-birds-los-angeles/

Info on Derwood’s new album: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/derwoodandrews13

Listen up and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry

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01. You Beauty - Mennal Mondays / Jersey Flegg
02. The Fall – Strychnine / Backdrop
03. Donny Benet - Sophisticated Lover / Don’t Hold Back
04. Tartit – Houmeissa / Abacabok
05. J Mascis - Fade Into You / single
06. Skip James - Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues / Hardtime Killing Floor Blues
07. Arndales - Holiday Inns / Dog Hobbies USA
08. Manuel Gottsching - Bois De Soleil / The Private Tapes Vol. 1
09. Swans - Your Property - Cop
10. Terror Visions - Master Wait / World Of Shit
11. Alan Vega Trio - Freedom / Cubist Blues

01. Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night / Mob Rules
02. Fugazi - In Defense of Humans / First Demo
03. Thee Oh Sees – Contraption / In A Cloud - New Sounds From San Francisco
04. Derwood Andrews – The Net / Tone Poet II
05. Ausmuteants - Carbon Monoxide / single
06. Devo - Polyvinyl Chloride / Miracle Witness Hour
07. Wire - Revealing Trade Secrets / Document & Eyewitness
08. Frank Zappa - Muffin Man / Bongo Fury
09. Nakplang Krumklowna - Disco Tour / Zud Rang Maa
10. Edmond De Deyster - Reel 04 Excerpt 02 / Selectie 02
11. Dead Moon - Out in the Blue / Strange Pray Tell
11. Scientists - This Is My Happy Hour / Blood Red River
12. The Scissor Girls - Stim-Rspnse / Here Is The “Is-Not”
13. Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft (Vocal) / Shaft