KCRW Broadcast 313

Fanatic!  As you can see, it’s another great two hours of music. I hope that this programming is not too lopsided in favor of warmer weather. Perhaps if you’re still getting snowed on or just starting to thaw out, these songs will bring you something good.

I can’t help it, I react to the environment around me and it influences to a certain extent, the songs that we put on the show. As it is now, Los Angeles seems to be bypassing spring for early summer. At night, outside my window, the frogs are very loud and it feels like later in the year.

Several days ago, I was in Austin for SXSW. I had finished an interview and was on my way to the next thing and a man came up and introduced himself, it was Eric Debris of Metal Urbain/Doctor Mix and the Remix! A great pioneer of early Punk Rock and Alt. music. Metal Urbain records somehow ended up in Yesterday & Today, the record store I used to go in all the time. I remember the first time I heard their music. It was different than anything I had heard before, the closest thing I could compare it to would be the first Suicide album. Anyway, meeting a member of Metal Urbain was great. Eric said he was working on new material, so hopefully he keeps in touch with us.

I got a letter from Jennifer from the great band VUM. They have finished a new album. I have heard one track so far and it’s really cool. I hope to get it onto the show soon. I am waiting to hear back.

There are two records that we have been playing that are now available and I just wanted to bring them to your attention.

First off, Wand’s album Golem is now out. We have been playing tracks for the last few weeks and they have sounded great but wait until you hear the vinyl. Great record. Here is how to get at it: http://intheredrecords.com/collections/wand/products/wand-golem

Also, the Male Gaze record Gale Maze is out. As is the usual with Castle Face Records, the record came out in a very limited vinyl edition that was gone almost immediately but thankfully, there are black vinyl editions as well. I got your info . . . right here: http://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/male-gaze-gale-maze

I hope you dig the show. We will deliver the best we can as long as we are permitted.

Please keep listening to music and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1
01. Metal Urbain - Pop Poubelle / L’âge D’or
02. Public Image Ltd. - Public Image / single
03. King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Empty Vessel Dub / Freedom Sounds In Dub
04. Family Fodder - Savoir Faire / Savoir Faire: The Best Of Family Fodder 
05. Mark Robinson - Volunteers Conquering Fires / Tiger Banana 
06. White Fence - Arrow Man / For the Recently Found Innocent 
07. Lower Plenty – Grass / Hard Rubbish 
08. Black Sunday - Love Is… / Sailor Jerry Vol III 
09. Minutemen - No Exchange / Double Nickels On The Dime 
10. The Clovers - Love Potion No. 9 / The Doo Wop Box II (1957-1960) 
11. Skullbot - Machine Future / Skullbot
12. Pere Ubu - Life Stinks / The Modern Dance 
13. The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher / Six Strings That Drew Blood 
14. Ty Segall - It’s Over / Manipulator 
15. The Cramps - Human Fly (1977 demo) / bootleg
16. Ramones - Carbona Not Glue / Leave Home 
17. Suicide - Rocket USA / Suicide

Hour 2
01. Led Zeppelin - Rock ‘n’ Roll / How The West Was Won 
02. Jane’s Addiction - Ocean Size / Nothing’s Shocking 
03. Alex Cameron - Take Care of Business / Jumping the Shark 
04. Jimi Hendrix - Gypsy Blood (Crying Blue Rain) / In The Studio
05. Runhild Gammelsæter - Expanding Universe / Amplicon 
06. Dick Diver - Percentage Points / Melbourne, Florida 
07. Wand - Cave In / Golem 
08. Suzuki Junzo - Koroshi-Mitsu Kurui-Mitsu / 7 
09. The Planet The - Toledo Vader / Physical Angel
10. The Fall - Free Range / Code: Selfish
11. Hisato Higuchi – Uncertain / Otomeyama Bottoms
12. Death - Where Do We Go From Here??? / ...For The World To See
13. David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes / Scary Monsters