KCRW Broadcast 334

Fanatic! Hey. Thanks for checking out what will be on the show. I am in sunny Quito, Ecuador at the moment. I spent a week on the Napo River and returned here yesterday. This location is up in the Andes, as compared to Coca, where I left the boat, which is in the Amazon Basin. It was a great time.

I think we have a great August show lined up for you here.

I really like the Olivia Neutron-John record. If you like the track you heard here, the rest is as great. Here is where to go: https://olivianeutron-john.bandcamp.com/

Already looking ahead to next week’s show. As I told you before, Julia Wilson of Rice Is Nice Records out of Australia will be in town and we will do the show together live. I asked her to grab some Australian tracks she likes and bring them in. She sent me the songs several days ago and WOW. So great. I think it’s going to be a really unique show and I hope you get a chance to listen. So many of these bands I had never heard of, which only makes it better.

I hope you dig the show. Listen to too much music, (impossible) and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. Fuzz - Rat Race / Fuzz II 
02. H. Usui - Bear Blues / Sings the Blues 
03. Soccer Team - Solid Ring Fighters / “Volunteered” Civility & Professionalism 
04. La Sera - Beating Heart / La Sera 
05. Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - Vocablo No. 1 / single 
06. Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon / Teens of Style 
07. Pere Ubu - Final Solution / Terminal Tower - An Archival Collection 
08. Ashtray Navigations - Crawling to Zero / Shimmering Replica 
09. Cigarette - Soil and Green / Chapel Sounds 
10. Olivia Neutron-John - Death-Tango / single 
11. Scientist - The Corpse Rises / Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires 
12. The Fall - Sleep Debt Snatches / Beggar B-Sides

Hour 2
01. High On Fire - The Falconist / Luminiferous 
02. Gold-Bears - For You / Dalliance 
03. Hurry Up - And Then / Hurry Up
04. Rowland S Howard - I Burnt Your Clothes / Teenage Snuff Film 
05. Keiji Haino/Peter Brötzmann/Jim O’Rourke - One Fine Day / Two City Blues 2
06. Sort Sol - Sort Sol - Interpreter / single 
07. The Stooges - Scene Of The Crime / Anthology box 
08. The Teen Idles - Trans Am / Dischord 100 
09. the Untouchables - I Hate You / Flex Your Head 
10. Seekae - Oxen Calm / The Worry 
11. Total Control – Hunter / Typical System 
12. The Pop Group - Shadow Child / Citizen Zombie 
13. Hiiragi Fukuda - 316L / Seacide