KCRW Broadcast 349

Fanatic! It is the week of the Dinosaur Jr.!

7 sold out shows at the Bowery Ballroom. They easily could have done 10 with the speed the tickets sold through.

You know me, Fanatic, I am an XXX-L Dinosaur Jr. fan and will be there for all the shows. By the time this broadcast airs, I will be well into it. I am writing to you on 12-01-15. Just back from Antarctica and heading out to NYC at 0630 hrs. tomorrow.

I was listening to this show on the ship and it’s sounding great. I hope you like it. I will be taking a lot of notes during the Dinosaur Jr. shows, so hopefully have some good information to lay on you next week.

This is a very cool record by our pal Tim Presley of White Fence. http://www.castlefacerecords.com/products/w-x

Listening to the first Dinosaur Jr. album right now, still great!

Keep rockin’ and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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