KCRW Broadcast 375

Fanatic! I am preparing these notes a day early. Tomorrow, I will interview our good pal J Mascis for Magnet Magazine. He will be in France and I will be in Los Angeles. We will be talking, at least in part, about the new Dinosaur Jr. album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, which unsurprisingly, I find to be great from start to finish. Preorders for the album are happening now: http://www.dinosaurjr.com/

The new Kikagaku Moyo album House In The Tall Grass is out and it’s really good. Midheaven, one of the most solid mail order places anywhere has it: https://midheaven.com/item/house-in-the-tall-grass-by-kikagaku-moyo#.V04MMygmVHg

I just got back from Munich where I was at the Rockavaria Festival. After I was off, Iggy started ten minutes later. Great timing for me. He played 5’ 1”, which was really cool.

Okay, so let’s have a look at all the great jams we have lined up here. I know we have a double dose of Iggy because I thought it was the right thing to do. We have another track from the new Lorelle Meets the Obsolete album Balance. I can’t seem to get a release date on it. It’s a great album. Can’t wait to hear this one on vinyl.

I think I told you that the new Terakaft album Alone finally came out on vinyl. Sounds great. https://www.discogs.com/Terakaft-Alone-Ténéré/release/7569479

We are playing a Saint Vitus track. The band’s guitarist wrote me weeks ago and told me they had dates this year with Scott Reagers. I went to their site and there are only dates from last year. Hopefully, they will update at some point.

I think these notes will take longer to read than the time for the show, so I will stop here. We hope you dig the tunes.

Listen often and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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