KCRW Broadcast 379

Fanatic! In a small room in Antwerp, Belgium. Hopefully, my suitcase arrives soon. I have been a couple of days without in as it magically disappeared somewhere en route. They threaten to bring it shortly. That was three hours ago.

In much better news, the Alice Bag album is really great and so we will start the show with a track from it. Heavy song and Alice delivers. Great to see her recently at DragCon.

What we tried to put together here was great summer listening, no matter where you are, even in Australia where things are cooling down. We do try to think globally when we present a show to you.

I am here for a festival date Thursday on the 30th and then back to Los Angeles. This is my fifth trip to Europe this year. There is a strange familiarity to the trans Atlantic flights now. I have one more in about a month.

We would like to thank Gerhard twice for not only passing not only the Le Butcherettes live at the Constellation show to us, which rocks in our first hour, but also the Iggy live at the Greek show along, the song Sister Midnight from the show features in our second hour. Sounds really great. I have seen Iggy play four times this year and if anything, his voice is better than ever. At the Greek he and the band delivered. Again, thanks, Gerhard!

I listening to the tracks play yet one more time as my t-shirt ripens and I think we have a great show here. We have great tunes lined up for you this month, so please tune in if you can.

I am really looking forward to some new clothes.

Live well and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Hour 01
01. Alice Bag - He’s So Sorry / Alice Bag
02. Maniacs - You Don’t Break My Heart / Vortex Live
03. Angry Angles - Things Are Moving (unreleased version) / Angry Angles
04.The Anti-Job - You Caught My Heart By Surprise / As A Place
05. Wire - 106 Beats That / Peels Sessions
06. Buzzcocks - Raison d’Être / A Different Kind Of Tension
07. Pure Hell – I Feel Bad / Noise Addiction
08. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Egypt Strut / Egyptian Jazz
09. The Traditional Fools - Valley Of The Jams / Fools Gold
10. Second Layer - Metal Sheet / Labels Unlimited Comp.
11. Le Butcherettes - Demon Stuck In Your Eye / 09-20-15 Constellation Room
12. Shocking Pinks - End Of The World / Shocking Pinks
13. Thin Lizzy - Get Out Of Here / Black Rose
14. Jacques Berrocal – Tibet / Fatal Encounters
15. Astaron - Little Girl Crying / Gunilla #06
16. Uton - Strange Night / Psychic Archives Vol. 05

Hour 02
01. Kikagaku Moyo - Green Sugar / House in the Tall Grass
02. Farflung - The Way The Sky Is / The Raven That Ate The Moon
03. Hawkwind - Dying Seas / Warrior on the Edge of Time
04. The Intelligence - Platinum Janitor / Vintage Future
05. Gary Wilson - In The Midnight Hour / Forgotten Lovers
06. Deutscher Kaiser - Halli Galli Tanzt Für Sie / Gunilla #01
07. Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight / 4-28-16 Los Angeles
08. Queen - Sheer Heart Attack / News of the World
09. Cheap Trick - He’s A Whore / Cheap Trick
10. The Obsessed - Tombstone Highway / The Obsessed
11. Ex Hex - You Fell Apart / Rips
12. Air Miami - Airplane Rider / Wakefield Vol. 02
13. The Fall - Life Just Bounces / Cerebral Caustic