KCRW Broadcast 401

Fanatic!  Backstage in San Antonio. It’s the last of my four shows in Texas. A lot of really cool bands on this broadcast. Many of the records I picked up in Australia are featured. Also, the last tune for the night is yet another track from Point Juncture WA’s great Me or the Party album, my personal favorite track.

Track 11, in the first hour, by Hiiragi Fukuda, check out the searing guitar solo out of nowhere that kicks in at 2:56 into the track. What a great hook!

Did you see what Drastic Plastic is up to? They re-issued the first two Cramps albums along with Gravest Hits. I can’t wait to hear what they have done to these albums. They have been putting out some amazing re-issues. Here is info:




I am listening to the tracks for this now right now and I think we have a great one. I hope you dig it.

Listen a lot and STAY FANATIC!!!  
–– Henry

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Hour 1
01. True Widow - F. W. T. S: L. T. M. / Avvolgere 
02. Teledetente 666 - A Chaque Ville sa Folle / Karen 
03. Dad Jokes - Party Goblin / Hopeless Vacation
04. Astral Skulls - Worlds Away / Contact-Light 
05. Terry - Chitter Chatter / HQ 
06. Charlie Hilton – Why / Palana 
07. Jelly Roll Morton - Honky Tonk Blues / Kansas City Stomp (Library of Congress CD 1)  
08. Dinosaur Jr. - Two Things / FOPP Records bonus CD 
09. Holland - Westside Highway / I Blow Up 
10. Phantom Forth - Double Negative / The EEPP LP 
11. Hiiragi Fukuda - ひまわり / Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori 
12. Make-Up - I Am Pentagon / Save Yourself
13. Bloody Mary Una Chica Band – Sugar / Heart Disease 
14. Alan Vega - Doomo Dance / Power on to Zero Hour

Hour 2
01. Sex Stains -  Land Of LA LA / Sex Stains 
02. The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast – Fibrephone / G’arage D’or 
03. Be My Friend In Exile – Sleepwalker / The Silence, the Darkness 
04. These Are Powers - Little Sisters of Beijing / Terrific Seasons 
05. The Heartbreakers - Let Go / LAMF 
06. Wasana Gam Par - Chaan Siang Phin / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 01 
07. (Red Hot) Old Mose - Molly Man / American Primitive Vol. II 
08. Gene Defcon - Psycho Freakout / Come Party With Me 2000 
09. Axis: Sova - (Like An) Intruder / Motor Earth 
10. Boris - N.F. Sorrow / Pink re-issue 
11. La Peau et les Os - Shebab / Apoptose 
12. The Ausmuteants - Band of the Future / Band of the Future 
13. Terror Visions - Master Wait / World of Shit 
14. Point Juncture, WA - Ants in the Hive / Me or the Party